Skimming Through Different Transportation Methods around the Globe

Different Transportation (1) The very basic act of travelling is something that will excite even the most lackadaisical person to have ever existed. Travelling is now considered an experience instead of a luxury. More and more people are now investing time, money and effort into ensuring that they go out of their comfort zones every once in a while, further expanding their reach to places they’ve never seen before.

Aside from enjoying the activities found within one’s travel venture, people are sharing the things they find unique to the locale they have visited. Aside from food, the ambience and the scenic places, travelers are now into enjoying the local modes of transportation that can be found within a specific place, and if you wish to know more about them, then read on and be amazed by the wide array of choices existing on the other side of the planet.

If you think of reindeer as mythical Christmas characters, then you need to wake up as they are used as a method of transport in Lapland, Finland. Lapland is situated in the northernmost region of Europe and temperatures there are always cold, hence the abundance of reindeer packs in the general vicinity.

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Instead of just leaving them wandering and starving to death, the locals of Lapland known as Sami, found a better purpose for these animals and used them to creat a real-life reindeer sled. Yes, you heard that correctly, a reindeer sled like what Santa Claus songs usually mention and this form of transport is used in Lapland for exploring the town and short distances away from it.

Transportation sometimes depends on the type of environment it will be used for and this has been proven true in Venice, Italy. You must have seen gondolas in countless movies about love and life, and yes, these are not just part of a movie set but a real form of transportation in Venice. Since aqueducts and canals are abundant in this little town, locals find it difficult to build bridges to close the gaps and decided to innovate through the use of mini-boats.

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Now, gondolas are not just a method of transportation, but an experience that many travelers want to try. When you’re feeling romantic or just want to try gondolas for the heck of it, many would attest that this is something that shouldn’t be missed when you’re in Venice.

Okay, so you might dismiss boat rides as something usual, but Kerala in India would want you to look at boats from a different perspective. The people in this town upgraded the usual boat experience into something memorable and leisurely, hence the birth of the so-called house boats. Taken from its namesake, house boats are boats with a makeshift shed that makes it seem as if you’re inside a house.

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Usually crafted by hand, these boats are made without any formal guides or scale models and you’d be amazed by how well everything turned out. Skim the waters of Kerala through house boats and feel like a king whenever you try it out as a passenger. Truly more than the ride itself, getting on a house boat is an experience for the books.

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