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If we are accustomed to condo residences having multiple units put together in one edifice then that conventional view will be redefined by the upcoming property in the premiere location of 26 Avenue South West, Calgary. Cutting edge as intended, the revolutionary idea is the brain child of award winning architect Jeremy Sturgess.

As the maker calls the project itself “the jewel of the crown,” The XII will definitely draw attention because of the well-planned architecture that will command attention.

Set to be completed in 2017, the forthcoming project is a testament to how modernity is about multiple functions and flexibility. Sticking to the idea of comfort and space, the 14-story edifice is only set to have 12 luxury suites. Ten homes will complete each floor while two would have two stories.

Just minutes away from downtown where everything happens, expect being near services, hospitals, banks and shops that will supply everything from food to other necessities. The XII is also just a 20-minute car drive from the airport, which is why going on an out-of-town vacation won’t be as difficult.

Best for growing families, unit sizes will vary from 22,000 square feet to 33,000 square feet. The price range is between three to six million. The price is worth the money as the building is strategically created to provide a good view of its surroundings. Have a taste of both nature and the busy streets of the metro by choosing which facets you want.

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The southern part will give a breath taking view of the Elbow River. This should satisfy your nature cravings without the need for going outdoors. The northern part is your vision of the city life and its never-ending energy from the beaming lights to the busy people here and there.

Because of the exceptional space each unit will provide compared to the usual condos available out there, expect that there will be more space and storage.

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There will also be floor to ceiling windows that allow the use of natural light promoting the conservation of artificial energy. Fully furnished as planned, expect that bathrooms and kitchens will welcome you with state of the art materials.

Each home will have its own balcony which provides a superb view of what’s around. If owning a floor does not define exclusivity well enough, then being served with a high speed elevator and a personal parking space might serve its intention of redefining what it is like to live in a modern and time efficient manner.

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Each unit will have two parking spaces and the building will be secured not only by the 24/7 concierge but video recording surveillance as well.

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