Don’t be staggered by having sensitive teeth

sensitive pearls (3) Who wouldn’t fall for the sweetness of those mouth-watering desserts? How can one ever resist that delicious ice cream? These are the simple joys of life; small bits of heaven in distinct moments that not only call for a celebration, but are even sought after when you feel under the weather.

Unfortunately, not all of us can delve into the sugar fest and the happiness that cold deserts bring to the world. Imagine feeling a sudden pang of pain while melting that edible form of bliss inside your mouth.

Not all are blessed to have the satisfaction of achieving happiness through food. Those who have sensitive teeth need to be extra careful when it comes to their choice of food and intake. Do you usually feel that peculiar ache whenever you eat food that’s too hot, too cold or too sweet? If it happens often, then you must have sensitive teeth.

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But why do some people own them while the majority does not? Several factors need to be taken into consideration to know why teeth act up whenever a certain level of temperature is present inside the mouth. With the help of a professional, underlying reasons can be determined and even treated.

The most common reasons include worn out tooth enamel and/or gums, cavities, gum diseases and excessive consumption of citrus fruits. Feeling the same amount of pain after your teeth have been treated can be alleviated by home remedies that can be found within the very comfort of your own home.

Knowing that you have sensitive teeth solves half of the problem. Proper care is the other half. Those with sensitive teeth should be aware about the hygiene tools they use for their mouths. Using specially formulated toothpaste for sensitive teeth is synonymous to being kinder to your pearly whites.

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Make sure to use a toothbrush with soft bristles as well. Using hard bristles will just damage your teeth further and aggravate the situation.

Another way to keep pain at bay is by avoiding citrus. Acidic food can be harsh on the gums and teeth, which can result to pain and discomfort.

Be serious when it comes to considering the temperature of the food you eat. Drinking through a straw can help since the liquid is passed directly to throat instead of it washing the insides of your mouth, including your gums and teeth. Take sweets in moderation as well. You do not want further agony by allowing the possible build-up of plaque and cavities, do you?

Health is wealth and so is having healthy teeth. Be confident in showing that your happy aura by flashing those pearls with dash of genuine joy in a form of healthy smile.

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