Jennifer Lawrence style moments

Jennifer Lawrence style moments

She is indeed one of today’s greatest young actresses we have seen on the wide screen.

Award winning and undeniably talented, this 25-year old actress isn’t only lovable because of the characters she has portrayed in her critically acclaimed movies, but more than that, fans fell for her candidness and quirky attitude that overshadows even her embarrassing stumbles on some of her red carpet moments.

Jennifer Lawrence is no doubt one of the most important stars of today. This Oscar winner has climbed her way to the top almost overnight through the series of blockbuster movies including X-Men installments, the Hunger Games film series, American Hustle and Silver Linings Playbook.


An A-lister that she already is, J-Law has also become a favorite during red carpet events. She may always trip on her gowns, but it is undeniable that the actress exudes the aura of style fit for Hollywood royalty.

This American actress has always been known for her classic taste when it comes to fashion. She may not prefer the crazy side of fashion, but her sense of style is always on point and never boring. There will always be a glimpse of allure without discounting the important factors of taste and elegance.

This 2014 white deep V-neck gown she wore during the 2014 Mockingjay launch exudes the aura of class in the best way. There may be a hint of sexiness as it lets us peek to the actress’ assets, but it still remained on the safe side as it fit her beautifully.


This midriff-revealing skirt ensemble that she wore during this year’s Vanity Fair after party proves that J-Law has been blessed with curves in the right places.

She may have shown some skin, but she still remained looking wealthy which is in accordance to her &$75 million net worth as reported back in 2015.


This must be her best red carpet moment by far. This red cut out Dior dress is one for the books. Also, it will not be surprising if we see this ensemble many years from now and still regard it as one of the most stunning in the history of red carpets ever.

She may not have bagged this year’s Best Actress trophy, but she surely was the best dressed awardee for the said night.


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