Spoil Yourself with a Youthful Aura in Dundas Square Gardens

Spoil Yourself with a Youthful Aura in Dundas Square Gardens

Nothing beats the energy provided by the dazzling city lights and the activities happening within its bounds. It is true that many of us dream of living in a place where tranquility is at its finest, but now that the population keeps getting younger as we move through time, this is a concept that is slowly changing.

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With many professionals in their mid-20s, the business of real estate is patronized by young achievers who crave for life in an urban setting. More and more establishments are built to maximize the use of each square meter, all comprised of workplaces and corporate buildings which in turn would increase the demand for residential spaces in its immediate proximity.

If you’re one of the many who work for companies within the downtown Toronto neighborhood, then you will be delighted to know that this area is now a melting pot of pre-selling condominiums and real estate projects. With the need to keep up with the competition, the resounding Dundas Square Gardens will certainly suit your craving for a comfortable home amid the seemingly chaotic urban landscape.

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Designed with a modern physique through its well-planned architecture, Dundas Square Gardens will wow you at first sight. Developed by the famous Easton’s Group, Dundas Square Gardens will offer you all of its best assets and features to spice up your urban lifestyle.

Dundas Square Gardens is a project in the works and is said to be 47 levels high upon completion. Rumor has it that the building’s concept will be comprised of an impressive lantern at the top, which will glitter magnificently in the Toronto skyline.

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People should not worry of not being able to cap a unit as Dundas Square Gardens will house a total of 968 apartments due to their strong anticipation for future clients. Specifically, Dundas Square Gardens will be built at 200 Dundas Street and is now advocating its grand plans through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

As for the condominiums’ architectural design, the group coming from the illustrious Page + Steele and IBI Group Architects will put forth their best concepts for you to experience. The head of interior design is Munge Leung, all geared up to fuse contemporary feats with the hype of youth and metro living.

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Unit types available for pre-purchase include three-bedroom, two-bedroom and one-bedroom, which are exposed to different faces of the property and range from 521 to 1021 square meters in size. The said suites are now priced starting at $377,998 to the most expensive unit at $722,998.

Some of the most interesting amenities seen within the mighty Dundas Square Gardens include four rooftop gardens for your afternoon relaxation, a sky lobby for when you want to stargaze at night, an infinity pool and a sophisticated lounge for your after-meal drinks.

Dundas Square Gardens is expected to be completed in December 2017, but is now available for pre-selling.

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The very location of the Dundas Square Gardens will also be a huge plus as it is just a stone’s throw away from the Moss Park neighborhood, Ryerson University, downtown establishments such as shops, fine-dining restaurants and entertainment strips.

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