Hustling Up the Ladder to Musical Fame – Erik Hassle

Hustling Up the Ladder to Musical Fame – Erik Hassle

Okay, so we all know that Sweden is now a country sought-after in the music industry due to the prevalence of artists hailing from there, making big waves in fame on the EDM genre. We have seen one artist after the after, conquering the music food chain with all the necessary talent and usually winning it after some mainstream exposures.

But after all the EDM acts spawned from Sweden since early 2010, here comes another artist who wants to prove that there’s more to the country than just jumpy tunes and modern beats. Now carving his name as an artist to watch out for in 2016’s third quarter, Erik Hassle is set to dominate not with synthesizers and boosters, but just with his vocals.

The 27-year old Katrineholm, Sweden child is a well-known advocate of pop since he started out his career within his hometown. Erik Hassle focused on this genre from the very beginning since he knew full well that this is a giveaway ticket for him to reach stardom.


Aside from his bold approach to pop, Erik Hassle’s talent in songwriting is a plus as a full-pledged musician. It was in the year 2005 that he humbly began his journey and all throughout these years, Hassle’s career has been handled by different music firms like the TEN Music Group, Roxy, Island and Universal Republic.

Like any other artist who loves to enrich his hometown’s musical inclination, Erik Hassle dominated the Swedish charts with songs such as Hurtful and Don’t Bring Flowers. Quite expectedly, Hassle’s ventures in Sweden paid-off as he’s now a known pop icon within the limits of his country.


His reach has also expanded to as far as Denmark. Using the two aforementioned singles, he expanded his vision and broke borders, reaching the United Kingdom together with his first studio album entitled Hassle.

Later on, Erik Hassle became the talk of the town due to his inclination to pop music, alongside songs that he personally wrote. In early 2010, he toured with international pop artist Mika as a supporting act, which generally increased his market value and made him reap more admirers along the way.


He prolifically produced more music until worldwide streaming firm iTunes introduced him as an upcoming pop artist and from then on, he amassed a huge chunk of streams and music downloads. In 2012, he put forth his third studio album entitled We Dance which has been patronized in Sweden, the United Kingdom and Denmark.

As for extended plays, some of the most popular under Hassles’ belt include The Hassle Sessions: Volume One, Taken, Mariefred Sessions and Somebody’s Party. In singles, Erik Hassle can be remembered through tracks such as No Words, If Your Man Only Knew, Natural Born Lovers, Talk About It, Grace, Are You Leaving and Stay Away.

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