A Notable Lookback at Ashlee Simpson’s Discography

A Notable Lookback at Ashlee Simpsons Discography

We all have to admit that the first time we laid our eyes on her in the reality TV shows Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica, we knew that there’s something in there that was worth watching. Aside from her unmistakable resemblance to her pop-star-singer sister Jessica Simpson, the talent is quite evident and it’s brewing under that angelic-face and feminine facade. Though her career is somewhat on the low compared to what her sister has achieved over the years, there’s no way we would be able to forget how playful and fun Ashlee Simpson’s approach to music was.

Now aged 30, Ashlee Simpson is not as prolific and visible to the music scene nowadays, but the songs she left in her wake would definitely be indelible to our 2000s recollection of top hits and influential tracks. We can always reminisce Ashlee as that singer who went over-the-top with her chosen genres of pop, pop punk, pop rock and power pop, and her being linked and married to other music icons such as Pete Wentz and Evan Ross.


Ashlee’s discography kicked off with her first debut album entitled ‘Autobiography’, wherein some of the tracks included in this masterpiece pretty much describe her as a person. Ashlee solely signed a contract with just one music outfit under Geffen and we can all surmise that she made the right decision of staying under one wing. Not owing her talent to her then very famous sister, Ashlee Simpson’s first take in making her music career official via her first album simply took off.

It was quite unexpected as Autobiography easily harnessed a whopping 400,000 copies sold in just a span of one week. It was in July 2004 when it peaked at number 1 on the US Billboard Charts and when September kicked in, it was a certified triple-platinum. Autobiography was such a good start to unraveling her career, and it was all the more applauded when she admitted to having co-written the entire album’s included tracks. Autobiography can be remembered through the tracks entitled Pieces of Me, La La and Shadow.

Released in October of 2005, Ashlee Simpson’s follow-up album ‘I Am Me’ is all about incorporating the feel-good vibe of the iconic 80s sound and the loving focus on writing songs about herself. Same as Autobiography, I Am Me garnered immediate success by getting 220,000 copies purchased worldwide, and three years after it first hit the market, sales continued to shoot up until it reached a 944,000 copies sold. Some of the songs that made this album quite a success, include lead single Boyfriend with supporting tracks such as L.O.V.E and Invisible. Awards have been tagged to Ashlee’s performances in this album, which include merits by the MTV Australia Video Music Award for Best Female Artist.

Her last album known to date is ‘Bittersweet World’ which was produced by some famous names the likes of Chad Hugo, Kenna and Timbaland. The album’s main genres are rock and pop while staying on the conventional Ashlee Simpson approach of being self-reliant and indulgent. Songs such as Auto My Head and Little Miss Obsessive carried the album to 126,000 copies sold and reached the number 96 spot on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts.

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