Women and the Revolution of Cheek Tints

Women and the Revolution of Cheek Tints 2

Innovation keeps the fashion industry lively. With all the talent surrounding this very intrinsic field, it is no surprise that things are always fresh. We have all been witness to how fashion kept up to its tagline of always moving forward, and the world of style and design is compelled to drive the human race into being better versions of themselves.

Some of the trends that have undergone revamps are the coiled chokers, bubblenails, palazzo pants, metal hair and even the iconic Chuck Taylors that have upgraded after a century. The thing that girls from all over the planet are currently addicted to is the very convenience that this make-up tool is giving them. Behold the magic and purpose that cheek tints have to offer.

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As always, women are selective when it comes to how they apply make-up on a daily basis. Some have followed a structured mantra on how to enhance their bland face into a smoking, hot look. From the arched eyebrows to the very shade of their eye shadows, women always strive to attain the best.

Cheek tints are the best methods in beautifully polishing a woman’s over-all look in a swish, resulting to plump lips with the combination of flushed cheeks. Cheek tints are meant to be for the lips but women have upgraded it to a cheek stain to aid them when they’re in a rush and want to look all made-up in a jiffy.

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Usually coming in small bottles, these elixirs have found their way into the purses of every living woman and are now a staple for women on the go. Dubbed as one of the trickiest parts of applying makeup, cheek tints really do require a set of skills to end up with godly facial elegance.

As how experts have put it, you must first be aware of what shade is best paired with your facial skin tone. As a rule of thumb, the shade must be tested first before impulsively buying by doing the accurate wrist test. Most of the cheek tints available in the market are darker when bottled so putting a small drop of it on your wrist won’t be that much of a hassle.

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Getting your skin prepared before cheek tint application is suggested to get a well-toned finish. Get your trusty cleanser to eliminate dead skin cells and to enrich your skin tone. Once done, decide first if you’d go for a liquid or powder foundation. If you decided to choose the former, then evenly apply it first onto your whole face with the inclusion of the neck before getting your cheek tint handy. If you prefer loose powder, do the opposite and apply the cheek stain first.

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Once ready, dab your cheek tint on your pointer finger and immediately spread it out on both cheeks. One important tip is to smile widely during the cheek tint application, or else you’ll look clownish. Smiling will stretch your facial skin and minimize concentration of the stain. Do it upward and fast. You don’t want the stain drying up on you, so you should hasten the application. If you mistakenly put on too much cheek tint, lighten the dark area with a little foundation.

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