Take time to visit Utah

Take time to visit Utah

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Utah is the perfect place for tourists who are outdoor fans. It is very famous for its national parks, ski resorts, natural mountain lakes, modern golf courses, beautiful and historical temples, along with activities like skiing, snowboarding, hiking, boating, rock climbing, etc. This city will surely surprise you with both its traditional and modern varieties of tourist attractions, and incredible year-long outdoor activities.

This is a great place for vacations; tourists keep coming back year after year because of its warm and natural beauty. So gather your friends and family, and be ready for your dream vacation to Utah.


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Utah is a state in the United States of America, located in the South Western region. It lies in the mountainous area of the country. It shares borders with its neighboring states like Idaho and Wyoming in the northeastern part, Colorado on the eastern border, Arizona to the south and the city of Nevada in the western part. Its capital city is Salt Lake City.


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The climate in Utah can change from season to season. This city is very dry, they experience winter during the months of mid-November to early March, and the spring season is during the months of March to late May. It is considered as the wettest and windiest time of the year. Summer in Utah is very long and humid because this season is in the months of May to mid-September. The best season to visit Utah is during the autumn season, in the months of September to November.


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Utah’s major and main airport is located in the western edge of the city, which is in the capital called Salt City International Airport. This airport serves as the mid-country hub to the famous air carrier, Delta Airlines. It has more than 300 flights just for Delta Airline alone. It also has direct international flights to and from different cities in Canada, Mexico and in some European countries like Paris.

What to See

Zion National Park

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Zion National Park is the oldest national park of Utah. It is well known and famous for its amazing traditional canyons and breathtaking views. It is also very famous for its hiking site like The Subway, Narrows and Angel Landing that attract visitors, tourists and adventure enthusiasts for a great and unique experience.

Salt City Temple Square

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This is another of Utah’s well-known and most-visited tourist attractions. Visitors will see the true beauty of the 10-acre landscaped property. This temple reflects and shows the magnificence of God’s wonderful creations as you stand beneath the amazing and star-studded dome, and the magnificent 11-foot statue of the Savior in its rotunda located in the North Visitor’s Center.

Hogle Zoo

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Hogle Zoo is located in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a 42-acre zoo that houses different kinds of animals from various ecosystems. This zoo provides educational opportunities to respect and appreciate all the natural creations of the world from God. It showcases exhibits and programs that teach tourists and visitors how to take care of animals professionally, with commitment and excellence.

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