Get yourself a reefer jacket

Get yourself a reefer jacket

The rampant sight of the outer wear that started surfacing in last part of 2015 will continue until the New Year. 2016 will be a fresh start and breathe new beginnings, but it does not mean the good things that happened last year are no longer applicable today.


Especially essential during cold weather, reefer jackets have are worn by some of the most stylish figures in fashion. The androgyny found in this garment makes it ideal for both genders. With the crisp silhouette that creates a smart yet classy look, reefer coats can also be used after the cold season, particularly during formal occasions. Ideal in an office environment, leave a striking impression that speaks style and elegance by donning this hot trend once in a while.


Conventional people can opt for a classier look by using safe, monochromatic colors. Getting something in black, grey or khaki can go well with anything.

Women can wear these same old favorites with simple heels preferably in black to stress simplicity and elegance.


For a more fashionable look, pairing it with other staple corporate clothes like button downs, turtle necks, collared blouses, dress pants, culottes and A-line skirts will finish the smart and sharp look. Women can also opt for a more alluring look by resorting to a body hugging dress.

A sleek dress inside a reefer jacket is definitely feminine, but in a conservative kind of way. Show how every inch of the woman you are without exposing much skin by donning this ensemble that works for formal or casual attire. For a more laidback look, blue jeans with boots will also do wonders when it comes to announcing your style.

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