Getting Extremely Wealthy is Synonymous to Hard Work

Getting Extremely Wealthy is Synonymous to Hard Work

Many of us think that being wealthy is an impossible dream. Sure, there are people who are born so rich that they do not even care about how they will live their lives. Unknown to us, there are also human beings who worked their way up to the top and are now lying on a bed of diamonds, which they rightfully deserve.


We have all been stuck with the negative delusion that having a lot of money should come from the blood that flows within us and not on the effort that we exert when we strive for it. Yes, being rich is actually a choice, and if you want to start now, you’d better act the soonest. Below are some of the statistics collated from different people who have made it big, together with the things that made them reach the pinnacle of their existence.


According to the latest Forbes Magazine Wealthiest People in the World List, you might want to look up to people like Carlos Slim Helu ($73 billion net worth), Bill Gates ($67 billion), Amancio Ortega ($57 billion), Warren Buffett ($53.5 billion) and Larry Ellison ($43 billion) as your role models. They are known to be the richest people on Earth today, and their habits would make you re-think how you’re faring in your life so far.

A study shows that wealthy people maintain a to-do list and never strayed from their original plans. Also, they are always goal-oriented, backed up with comprehensive and specific plans that need to be carried-out in a specific timeframe. More so, wealthy people are observed to wake up three hours before the start of their work to compose themselves, make room for finalizing their plans for the day and do necessary things that make them human.


Some of the odd things that have been gained from this study include rich people listening to audio books even while in commute, reading for 30 minutes about anything every single day and having an innate desire to peruse things that enrich their intelligence. Out of the 100% of respondents, it has been categorized that 76% of those who are healthy are also those with fat bank accounts because they exercise religiously for four solid hours weekly.

Also, their television habits are hugely different compared to poor people who watch reality shows more than 1 hour daily. Furthermore, wealthy people care for their health so much that they deviate from eating too much junk food and unnecessary carbohydrates compared to how poor people deal with the food they eat.


Rich people also have a strong belief that there should be lifelong, educational self-improvement that must be acquired for them to flourish as workers or leaders. They are also firm believers that good habits definitely create wider and bigger opportunities for them to be better human beings. They also have this strong tendency of avoiding bad routines as they know that this can result to disastrous effects in the long run.

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