Witness as Jaisalmer Come Out as India’s New Lustrous Gem

Witness as Jaisalmer Come Out as Indias New Lustrous Gem

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If you think that a desert citadel would bore you to death, then the little city in India called Jaisalmer would prove you wrong. Despite the location being saturated with the twisting sands of a huge desert, Jaisalmer strives for becoming one of the country’s definitive gems to show how colorful, exciting and magnificent it is to stay in India.

Technically a remote location, the people of this city have never faltered in becoming famous and relevant again. Now, they harness power from the desert and bank on ways to make sure that every inch of space would be fruitful and necessary. Jaisalmer is now dubbed as India’s Golden City, with the makeshift watering holes, the laid-back aura and the general commercialism upgraded in the past half-century.


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Sitting on the glorious bed of the Rajasthan region, Jaisalmer is truly an arid desert cistern which is about 357 miles away from the lights and sounds of capital city Jaipur. Due to the fact that Jaisalmer leans on being remote amid modernization, it is still considered as a World Heritage Site. Jaisalmer is perched on the center of the celebrated Thar Desert and is now home to almost 78,000 inhabitants in the Jaisalmer District.


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For a place that lies within the Great Indian Desert, Jaisalmer is under the arid desert class as according to the Koppen Climate Classification. If you’d visit the city, expect that there will be no chance of rain and the temperatures play within the adjectives of sweltering and scorching. This type of climate might not be pleasing to travelers coming from the Middle East and tropical Asian nations, but tourism has never been an issue to this city due to Western people wanting to soak up the heat being emanated by the place.

The average annual temperature in Jaisalmer is at 26.5 to 27.5-degrees Celsius and rainfall, if there would be any, accumulates to 200 millimeters on an annual scale. Furthermore, the hottest months are May, June and July with the highest recorded temperature of 41-degrees Celsius.


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The local airport opens to serve Jaisalmer travelers is just about 5 kilometers from the city center. Due to some tensions with Pakistan, this specific aviation terminal is gradually being closed down to avoid further harm to their tourism. From the city of Jodhpur, you can ride a bus going to Jaisalmer on scheduled but with a cheaper cost.

Once inside the city, the best way to roam around is to rent a bicycle which is definitely a suggested choice for short stays. You might want to take note of Narayan Cycles, one of the most famous bike rental facilities in Jaisalmer. For a fraction of your travel budget, you can also opt to raise adventure factor with 4WDs that can be rented for an hour or so.

What to See

Jain Temples

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Dating back to the 15th and 16th centuries, be mesmerized with sandstone pillars of the Jain Temples enclosed in a maze-like structure inside the city’s forts. The temples serve a purpose of its own and each of the seven pillars is unique and beautiful in their own ways. The Jain Temples would give you a clearer glimpse on how Jaisalmer takes pride in their unique history and how they managed to keep their religious beliefs despite the trying times.

Gadi Sagar

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Water is deemed as scarce throughout Jaisalmer and Gadi Sagar was one of their main fountains until its closure in 1965. Now a state landmark, people have come to realize its importance and rightfully built numerous shrines and places of rest within its surroundings that are now pleasing to visitors and tourists.


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This feat of architecture was the brainchild of the Jain brothers and was erected in the 1800s. Now, this intricate stonework dotted with golden cloth and jewelry is home to numerous museums. It is a place for you to marvel at India’s innate talent in building establishments. The facade of Patwa-ki-Haveli is a breathtaking scene to behold as told by those who have visited in the past.

Jaisalmer Fort

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Adorned with honeycomb-colored laces, the fort is a bustling place where almost 3,000 locals reside. It is now lined with arranged streets and some ancient temples. Within this citadel lies a small civilization that focuses on living the life they want. Restaurants, cafeterias, street murals, sounds and kiosks line up within this fortress and it will be regretful if you miss going inside to enjoy pure Jaisalmer fun.


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