James Taylor, his Music and Beyond

James Taylor his Music and Beyond

James Vernon Taylor, one of the most legendary musicians of all time. His songs and music has resound through all the decades and is still being listened to even nowadays. For more than five decades, James Taylor is still a star.

Well, he has not only wrote amazing songs but also received numerous awards in the Grammy’s and other prestige recognition committees. He also received one of the most consistent top artist in the U.S Billboard Top 40 Singles for the many songs he wrote.

He is one of those musicians whom we can always reminisce because of the songs he’d written. James Taylor also played music in collaboration with other artists in various genres such as blues, folk and country.

Surely, you have known this man one way or another. Let’s look back to some of his famous songs that touched our hearts and souls.


In 1970, he wrote the song “Fire and Rain” which became No.3 in the Billboard had his guitar style, melodic and very singable. A number songs became famous after that year which also reached the top 10 of Billboard U.S.

Some of those songs were “Country Road”, “Mockingbird”, “How sweet it is (To be loved by You)” and “You’ve Got a Friend”, which became No. 1 in 1971. People will always remember not only James Taylor but their own personal experiences, through his songs—a thing only few musicians can do.

His music and song is timeless and until now, in the midst of all the different genres and type of music, in the years of limitless rosters for artist and the technology that is available in our society, still his music is making an amazing impact to those people, young and old.

James Taylor and his music will always be our friend.

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