Let Me Paint those Nails

Let Me Paint those Nails

When someone says the word ‘summer’, all of those who have heard about it will surely become giddy as this is one season of the year when you can relax and flaunt yourself, without inhibitions, under the sun.

The smell of leaves being dried up by continuous sunlight had never felt so refreshing. People gather up at beaches, skinny-dipping until sunburns gradually appear to their exposed skin.

Lemon juices and other refreshments had been laid to the table and there’s nothing like drinking an ice-cold beer or soda while lounging out on your balcony.

Summer is such a happy season that most people, young and old alike, tends to invest on the experience that they will be having once this time of the year reached its full bloom.

People rummage through their closet for the most fitting items of clothing whenever they will be out and about.

Aside from the usual flipflops, cotton shirts and shorts, huge hats for coverage and shades to pair it with, girls, especially those who are manic-obsessive on how their whole look will turn out, weirdly invests time on doing their…nails.


One of the many reasons why girls love being girls is because they tend to have more fun doing this on their body than most men don’t have any means, or reasons to.

Girls have the power to use their nails as a glittering or bold accessory and that’s why they make time to beautify it when summer comes.

Nails had been one of the biggest fads in completing a certain outfit to achieve a certain look.

And since colors had been a fun medium for expression, girls do play with it a lot to the point of utter craziness. Now, let’s take a short trip onto what are the best colors to use for summer.

Flame Orange – for the attention-getters. The loudness of this color will surely satisfy one’s inner cravings to standout. The reflection of the sun’s bright light to your nails will surely do wonders.

Sangria – the capability of this color to blend on literally every skin tone and enrich it is one of the many reasons why this palate is not be missed. Sangria goes well with other bold colors like yellow or green and will give you the classic 80’s slash modernized summer lover.

Nautical Blue – one way of celebrating summer is to emphasize the color of the ocean. Most fit to girls who wanted to keep it classy despite the bravery to wear those swimsuits, this color will balance the sultriness and the sassiness in you.

Creamy Red – this color never goes out of style. For those who wanted to channel their inner sexuality or power, red, the darker the better, is the color to choose.

Nude – this might be a risky color to take but the adventurous would surely give this a consideration. With the rise of using monochromatic colors, picking nude, or at the very least with the shade of it, will pump up your style by protagonizing the minimalist that you want to exude.

Anything Metallic – since you want to maximize the sun’s rays and share it with your co-beachgoers, anything metallic is a must-try. Just imagine you flaunting your nails and the sun reflected on those beauties, oh, will surely create the ‘wow’ effect.

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