Pedal your way to a healthier existence

Pedal your way to a healthier existenceOn the very first time that we were able to ride a bicycle, balance on it perfectly and run a good number of meters while riding it, it is no doubt one the best feelings in the world that we’re able to experience. The joy and freedom of maneuvering a bicycle is such an elating act that we, as kids, have exercised while it is still deemed appropriate.

But then we have outgrown the excitement and have immersed in a world where everything is done in a blur. We matured and get ourselves a decent job, exercised our will to buy cars or use paid modes of transportation and only thought of riding a bicycle when we hit the gym after a long day of work.

The real ones are rusting in the backyard, waiting for another kid to find enjoyment through biking. How have we discarded bicycling when it’s more beneficial to us now that we’re adults? To shed light on this normally shooed topic, listed below are some of the benefits and thrills of riding your bikes again.

Aside from its usual function in keeping your body healthy, sweaty and moving, bicycling had deeper benefits that you might want to know so as to spark your liking in doing this activity again.

Bicycling is a physical activity that’s best done in the early morning, before going to your daily responsibilities and when the sun is not on it’s’ zenith.

When you do biking in this specific time frame, the healthy glow of the sun will do wonders for you as this eliminates cortisols, stress-related hormones known to kill your sleeping patterns and is a contributing factor for sedentary insomnia. Biking would do you well when you hit the sack and gets your body clock back onto its healthy cycle.

When you ride your trusted bicycle, the body is mobile which equates to better blood circulation. When this occurs, huge probabilities of keeping a healthy, glowing skin would be inevitable.


Sweating is also a proven form of releasing harmful toxins out of your body and this would lead to cleaner and fresher skin which is the end-result of collagen production and regeneration.

The continuous and jolted blood circulation also will do wonders on your memory. The brain region called hippocampus, the one responsible for sharpness of memory, is being targeted as a site in building a mass of brain cells after a daily session of being back on the bike track.

While it is a domino effect that when one used bicycling as a form of an exercise, it should follow that the whole body would be sapping all the benefits it can get from it.

Various study cases have found out that because your body is well and active while pedaling, it can aid you in improving your vascular health (increased stamina in sex), ward you off some harmful cancer cells (unidentified and still in study), lowering down risks of heart and cardiovascular diseases, boost your breathing and respiration, burn buttocks and leg fat more efficiently and can amazingly lengthen your lifespan after all the medical benefits stated above.

Bicycling is also one way for you to contribute in lessening pollution by smoke emissions. If your destination is a stone throw away from your residence, getting that biker alter-ego working would help your community in managing traffic, save parking space, allot your money for transportation into more meaningful needs and low down, if not eliminate issues with air pollution.

Your one small act can inspire others to follow suit, too, maybe not now but in the long run. More and more countries have been promoting bike lanes on huge highways to pave safety for those who choose to use bicycles over their cars.

And one last benefit that bicycling can provide you with is the freedom and joy that this have made you feel on your earlier years. The liberty of maneuvering and pedaling is such an experience to eliminate altogether. Be a kid and help yourself in being healthier, jump on that bike and pedal on.

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