Smartphones can be bad too

Smartphones can be bad too

People gather together for a dinner. They face each other and eat. However, there is lack of face to face communication because they pay attention to their smartphones more.

This situation is very normal nowadays due to the spread of smartphones. Everyone has a smartphones, and every year the population smartphone users increases.

Smartphones are awesome. It makes our life easier and less boring. It has many different features that are useful like the portable cameras, media players, video recorders, and even GPS elements.

These devices also feature a lot of applications that allow users to complete different tasks like sending and receiving emails, engage in conference or video calls, and play various video or online games.

However, excessive use or addiction to smartphones can have harmful effects on people and their overall health and well-being.

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These are some of the negative and harmful effects of smartphone on people:

Poor Posture – When using smart phones people tend to slouch to look over their phones that will start ruining your neck and hurt your back muscles. According to the study conducted in the United Kingdom, 84% who experienced neck and back pain in 2013 is cause by hunching over their smartphones.

Computer Vision Syndrome – a disorder to describe the vision-related problems you might get from prolonged smartphone use. Staring at smartphones for hours can lead to eyestrain, blurred vision, dizziness, and dry eyes. And blurred vision and neck pain can also cause headaches and even migraines.

Text Claw – Too much scrolling, texting and gaming on smartphones can result to a finger cramping and sore hand muscles. Experts believe that the endless use of smartphones can be the main reason inflammation in tendons, and possibly result to tendinitis and worst a carpal tunnel syndrome.

Phantom Smartphone Vibration Syndrome – A professor in Indiana University found out that 89% of the undergraduates in her study have been experiencing phantom vibrations when their phone is not actually vibrating but they feel like its vibrating because of the text messages and social media updates they are receiving.

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