Freshen Up Your Home

Freshen Up Your HomeBecause nothing beats a good smelling home – no question. But come on, sometimes no matter how hard we try to maintain a neat household, some odors are just too strong that it gets the way of surrounding our dear abode.

It stinks – literally and figuratively. While cleaning the source of the unwanted smell champions the list of getting rid of the unpleasant trail of air, this is not just enough, sadly. But hey, worry no more as we call the help of quick fix that gets allows you to get that fresh whiff of scent back right under your nose.

Try these natural home deodorizers to shoo the smell away:


Vinegar has a smell of its own, but do not doubt what this compound can do. It has smell-reducing ability and can absorb the smell away.

Unlike the lingering smell of your fried fish, vinegar smell fades away after it dries.


This is ideal, especially on removing food odor. Blot lemon juice around the insides of the refrigerator, let it stay for a couple of hours and enjoy the fresh – citrus smell afterwards.

Do not forget to remove the source of the unwanted smell from your fridge though, because deodorizing will not work if the origin isn’t taken out – of course!

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Put crumpled newspaper on drawers, suitcases, trunks, food containers, shoes and even trash cans. This trick can take up days, though.

Make sure to replace the newspaper every now and then.

Baking Soda

We know how mean (in a good way) baking soda is when it comes to cleaning and deodorizing. This authority when it comes to anything dirt is as reliable as always and will never let you down because it’s what it does best.

Remove the smell of cigarette in your car and furniture by sprinkling some of it. Leave for a couple of minutes, then vacuum.


This effectively absorbs moisture, which is the common cause of the awful smell.

To allow its magic to work by laying few chunks of it in one corner of the room and notice for the smell to banish after a couple of minutes.

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