Lazy Chic Outfit Tips and Tricks

Lazy Chic Outfit Tips and TricksFeeling so lazy spending two hours dressing up and spending time looking so good and so chic? Ladies have those days when you just want to put on anything and wish you’d look just fine whatever sack you’re in.

Truth is, fashion is not that easy but it can be cheated. When you are lazy but you have high standards for fashion or you just want to look lazy, why not try the Lazy Chic Outfit? This outfit is so comfy and cute you would never get tired wearing it out.

No idea about what to wear for the Lazy Chic Outfit? Here are things you need to know to achieve the look.


1. Glasses
This is easier than spending time putting on contact lenses and I assure you it would help you achieve the Lazy Chic look. The glasses will help you emphasise your face shape but you have to make sure you’re wearing the glasses that matches your face. Put on some lip balm or gloss and off you go!

2. Top Knot Bun
This is like the signature to every Lazy Outfit every girls is sporting. Rugged or lazy, Top Knot is always present. You can watch videos on Youtube on how to create the perfect Top Knot Bun or you can just pull a bun over on head and leave it messy but must be held in place or it will fall over your face.

3. Jogger Pants
Heard of the New Trend? The Jogger Pants is the unusual fashion trend we have nowadays. Not just it feels comfortable but it looks gorgeous at the same time. What more could you want? Find a good pair of Jogger Pants and wear a cropped top with it. Lazy Daisy!

4. Lazy Accessories
The secret to a gorgeous laid back outfit is to accessorize wisely. You can choose from a lot of accessories but the most popular of them all is the scarf. You can actually just throw on the scarf like a drape and it can be an accessory or if you want to be more creative, you can style the scarf in any know you have in your mind just as long it compliments your look.

Enjoy the Lazy Chic Outfit!

Archie Fegidero


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