Top foundation brands that will look gorgeous on your skin!

Top foundation brands that will look gorgeous on your skin

A foundation suits you is like a second skin. However, finding one that is good for you plus suits you might be the trouble for some. So for those who have been into makeup, I bet you have tried several or even hundreds of different foundations and creams over the past few years, and you all sure do have ones that matches you and the ones that don’t.

Narrowing the various choices of foundations into everyone’s top favorites and recommended high-end and drugstore brands might just be as helpful for you and your choices when it comes to makeups that are not only good for you but also worth your money.


Now these are some of the brands that has very good reviews from makeup tutorials or blogs and even makeup artist!

MAC Studio sculpt SPF15 foundation

It is said in its review that “it is a creamy foundation that delivers ultimate hydration” and almost all who have tried this can attest the truth to those words! It revitalizes dull skin with its natural satin finish that is easy to blend. This foundation is incredibly suitable for almost all types of skin.


Marc Jacob’s Genius Gel Super-charged Oil-free foundation

Though it is quite pricey compared to other brands, this foundation has great reviews and impressions and it’s really worth its price. This has several shades, it’s lightweight, it blends well and it has a long lasting velvet finish that works for even the most sensitive skin.


Revlon ColorStay

This is unsurprisingly good! If you’re looking for a product that will not smudge even when you’re exposed into hotness and humidity, well this will definitely do for you. it has a huge number of shades to choose from so you can almost be sure that there is a shade in particular which can suit you, it works great in almost all of the skin types (most especially for oily skin), and you don’t even have to re-touch or have a setting powder with it.


Having a great foundation set in your face is almost half way in nailing your desired look, so having these brands is really a big advantage but these are just some of the High end and drugstore foundations that is very dependable and would look gorgeous on your skin.

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