The Masculine side of the Blooms

The Masculine side of the Blooms

Anything floral usually is attributed to girl’s stuffs. Flowers and prints aren’t a guy’s thing after all; as others may think.

But who says that floral printed clothes are too feminine and ONLY for girls?

For all we know, that notion was observed way too long ago. As we all know, fashion does not remain stagnant, it evolves. And we too go with this said evolution.


So for guys out there whose thinking that floral printed garments are “gay”, it’s just about time to change that mind-set, just find your perfect fit and you can still look cool and hip with these trendy floral printed shirts you will truly love!

Though it is not widely used by men last year, due to excessive exposure of floral printed garments in Fashion shows, Magazines and of course the media, giving up on this trend never seemed to be the top designer’s options.


Rather, they have just come up with the edgier and more masculine designs without deviating from the “floral” that led to the transition of the “light and delicate flowery clothes” in to the “Masculine side of the blooms”.

Now isn’t that cool? As the saying goes, if “real men wear pink” why not wear floral as well?


Here are some tips in choosing as well as proper way of wearing floral shirts for men:

– If you do have a Hawaiian style floral shirt, it is best to wear it with a tailored pair of shorts that are just fits right for you, and a pair of sandals will be your perfect getup not only for a Hawaiian vacation but also for spring and summer parties!

– When you finally opt to wear floral but you still want it to be subtle in a way, one thing to do is to layer it out. You can use either a plain coloured suit or a cardigan which has a colour related to the shades of its print to layer it out.


– Still not comfortable in wearing floral printed tops? You sure can do with the floral printed shorts and pants (if you’re daring enough)! A pair of snickers or top siders will do!

– Want some fancy-smanshy thing to add on your formal attire? A floral hankie and even a tie will definitely pop a little bit of joy in your formal wear!

Archie Fegidero


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