Oregon’s well unleashed

Oregons well unleashed



Thor’s well is situated in Cape Perpetua. This land is still under the protective care of United States Forest service of the Siuslaw National Forest which is 2 miles south of Yachats, Oregon.



The Climate in Oregon differs from its states, can be an Oceanic climate those near the sea coast mostly among those at the west of Oregon while a drier semi-arid climate in its eastern.

The drifts were driven by the air mass of North America and the mountain regions. That’s why its climate only ranges between moist and dry seasons.



There are bike rentals available for visitors in Oregon through the bike loan program a way for the visitors to tour around the place.

There are also Corvallis Transit buses available for the guests in this state and also given parking permits if tourists travel via their own vehicle but those parking are charged.


What to see

Cape Perpetua’s visiting center

This situated 2 miles south of Yachats this was built in 1960’s to open to the public the beautiful majestic scenery of their coast lines. Which include 2,700 acres full of age grown trees which encamps their green forests.

This place is good for camping trips picnic and to those who are adventurous could also go on a hike and go sightseeing for whales. The forests provides hiking trails that are connected one from the other which one leads to the enormous 600 year old Giant Sitka Spruce known as the Silent Sentinel of the Siuslaw

Devils Churn

Cape Perpetua has long coastlines and also have unique features with it ever heard of a sink hole? Along the Coastlines lies the “The devil’s Churn” which most likely look like a sink hole beneath the ocean floors.

The Devil’s Churn is a huge crack within the ocean floor that is filled daily with thunderous ocean waves which makes it more astounding to look at because waves explode as they collide with each other circling this enormous hole.


Thor’s well

Are you a fan of Marvel’s Avenger Character Thor? Thor’s well is a deep hole encircles with strong rocks on the ocean floor. As the water splurge continuously with each other colliding under powerful current this maybe a spectacular scenery for you going there an hour before high tide hits or an hour after the high tide allows you to see the best swirls in this majestic well.


Scientifically speaking all these wonderful sceneries can be dangerous to visitors during strong thunderstorms yet they say that the more powerful the wind hits the ocean bed the more beautiful the swirling of the water gets.

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