Your own little secret garden

Your own little secret gardenSome of the fruits and vegetables that your appetite craves are sometimes out of season these are the common dilemmas that people experience, especially those whose husbands are running crazy over satisfying her wife’s crave for it but couldn’t find an open market late at night just to buy that one fruit.

Planting is not everyone’s forte, but plants are truly needed by everybody and every household must have the sense of urgency to have even just a little garden for a variety of good reasons. So get your green thumbs ready for work.

Secret Garden is one beautiful novel that shares about a story of a garden hidden behind walls and secret passages, you are not to build one because gardens can be contained as little as a pot an old tea cup only using a little space but with lots of sunshine.

It is important, especially for those who are always in the kitchen cooking and has forgotten one little bit of ingredient such as a clove of garlic or a tomato down to a small red pepper.


Planting red peppers are done indoors so it would not be such a hustle for you, all you will need is 8- 10 weeks’ time with the just the right temperature and you will have your own batch of red peppers inside your home no need to buy them in the supermarkets, next to add in your secret garden is the garlic this is a necessity in cooking, grilling, making soups or marinades to add a bit of an earthy savory flavor to your food garlic is not hard to plant, the warmer the temperature the better garlic cloves should be shoved in soils that are full of organic fertilizers it is better to plant them outside in a plot or bed where the sun can easily do its work much patience is needed on this one same as the pepper you need to wait for it to bud for 8-10 weeks.

Last but not the least is the tomato, tomatoes specially in Italian menus is a must have to have the sweet and sour, rich flavor, but this one needs more time and effort to do, you will be doing this indoors by doing so you will need a hygienic plate to put your seedlings to grow over the span of almost 30 days you will need to remove each sprout and put them on separate vases or pots after it has grown to be a plant you will need to transplant them by digging holes on the ground lastly you just have to make sure that they are well lighted by the sunlight, watered and support for its vines to hold the beautiful tomatoes together.

Having a little secret garden will definitely save you time, effort and specially money in going out to the grocery stores to buy these ingredients that you can actually grow anywhere around your house even without your neighbors knowing that you have them.

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