How To Style The Oxford Shoes

How To Style The Oxford ShoesOxford shoes are one of the most genius creation in the fashion industry. Oxfords were made in Scotland and Ireland where they were occasionally called Balmorals after the Balmoral Castle. However, it was named Oxfords after the famous Oxfords University. This shoe fashion did not appear in the United States until the 1800s. The U.S. Oxfords are called “Bal-type” and known as “Richelieu” in France.

If you’re looking for feminine yet masculine, chic but comfy shoes, then you must have a pair of the Classic Oxford Shoes. With the Oxford Shoes, you’re going to achieve the boyfriend look and take it to the next level. However, Oxfords might be a little tricky for some people. But don’t fret, we’ll help you through that dilemma. Here the few of the many ways you can style the Oxford Shoes.


1. With Shorts
Oxford Shoes are gorgeous when paired with shorts. You just have to have the right combinations for the outfit. To avoid a boyish look, put on some feminine top or a vintage blouse or if you’re more on the comfy side, put on a simple tee but be sure to pair it with girly accessories.

2. With Skirts
They are ever lovely worn with skirts. It looks very chic with a nautical themed outfit. To look sexy-chic try them with a full short skirt, cardigan and a pair of thigh high socks.


3. With Jeans
This is probably the easiest way to make the best OOTD with oxfords. Oxfords always look best with jeans, may it be boyfriend jeans or skinny jeans. Wear a simple tee, accessorize it, wear a vintage bag and you can just picture yourself coming out from a vintage film.

4. With a Casual Dress
If you want to have this dainty look, pair your Oxford Shoes with a casual dress. Better if it’s floral printed to bring out that vintage aura. You can also wear a knee high dress and pair it with high socks for that vintage playful look.

If you’re still in doubt of making a perfect OOTD with Oxford Shoes, just follow the guidelines I provided above and you will surely nail it. Have fun and be confident wearing them!

Archie Fegidero


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