The Towering Charms of Prague

The Towering Charms of Prague

Donning the crown of exquisiteness and splendor, Prague’s picturesque architectures add up to the country’s glitter and flare.

A satisfaction both for artistically inclined and tourists alike, this destination’s unique and intricately detailed towers are of nothing but pure beauty in incomparable range.


Locally called ‘Praha’, Prague is the city capital of Czech Republic.

It is located in the central west of the country and serves as a place of residence to over 1.2 million dwellers.


Prague is considered to have a marine west coast climate which is generally warm – but not hot during summer and cool – but not chilling cold every winter. Temperate, simply put.



Averaging to welcome around 4 million tourists yearly, Prague is considered accessible to tourists from different sites of the world.

Prague can be accessed via Vaclav Havel Airport, which is a 30-minute ride from the city proper. Busses, shuttles and taxis are reliable mode of transportation in order to get to the heart of this city capital.

Towers of Prague

Prague is rich in scenic towers and architectures but like any other bunch, some are set to stand out from the pack.

Prague Castle

Used to be a home for royals during the early era, the palace is now where the Czech Republic president lives.


Over seven hectares in size, the insides of this magnanimous venue are a combination of three courtyards, palaces and museums. No wonder is considered as one of the biggest palace in the world.

Old Town Square

Locally called Staroměstské náměstí, this old and historic place became Prague’s silent eye and ears as it witnessed most of important events that transpired in the city.


Within Old Town Square is where the Astronomical Clock is which is called to be one of the oldest clocks in the world. It is said that most important gatherings and events in the city during the old times were made in front of this ancient piece.

Dancing House

Made between the years of 1992 to 1996, this modern building is a version of deconstructive architecture designed by Vlado Milunic and Frank Gehry.

This edifice is truly noticeable being in line with Neolithic and baroque inspired building found all over Prague.


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