Brimming Parnu

Brimming Parnu

Find everlasting sun in Estonia’s summer city Parnu. Hop into the fusion of fun and relaxation as the sun kisses the golden shoreline of this seaside city.

Adorned by endless beach activities merged with historic architectures, the place promises is a promise of a vacation worth signing up for.



Estonia is in Europe found in the middle of Latvia and Russia and in the borders of the Baltic Sea and Gulf of Finland.

Determined to be the country’s summer capital back in 1996, Parnu is located in the southwest part of Estonia.

Aside from its bragging shores, Parnu also has its fair share of historical structures from churches to parks to museums.

Parnu map


Categorized as DFB of Köppen-Geiger climate classification, the weather is described as humid with severe winters, no dry season and warm summer.

Generally, the climate is cold and temperate even in February, which is considered as the driest month. Rainfall measures 675 mm on the average.

This alone spells soaking up in the sun without the fear of being hit of intense, hurtful sunrays.


From Tallin, Estonia’s capital, Parnu can be reached by either booking a flight or through land via bus or train.

Another route would be from Kihnu to Parnu via boat ride. Travelers can also enjoy road tripping as Parnu is also made available by connecting roads.

What to See

Parnu Beach Park

Located in Ranna Puiestee, Parnu Beach Park is announced as protected area zone because of the different kinds of lush greeneries planted within the area.

Pärnu Beach Park at Night, Estonia

Just right before the beach, the peaceful vibe of this park serves as an alternative to the playful vibe of the beach.

Parnu Moat

Open twenty four hours, enjoy this man-made amphitheater style beauty that overflows with romanticism especially at night.


Parnu Jetty

Serene and relaxing, the pier is perfect for appreciating the sea and ideal for sail boat watching. Another great replacement if walking at the beach turned to be some kind of a typical.


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