Must Haves for the Perfect Bohemian OOTD

Must Haves for the Perfect Bohemian OOTD


Bohemian outfit is the most popular street style nowadays. It is very possible for every girl to achieve this look.

If you are not sure of how to really make a Boho OOTD, here’s what you have to know that you must have to nail it. You have to know the basic must haves of the Boho Fashion.


1. Maxi Skirt
This is the staple need you have to know about Boho fashion. This piece of fabric is the easiest to build outfits from. You can wear simple tee of a flannel or chambray top with the maxi skirt.

2. Ankle Boots
These shoes will look best for the boho OOTD if it’s neutral-colored. These are also stapled for the perfect boho look. It looks awesome with skirts and dresses. Fringed ankle boots will totally nail your bohemian feels.


3. Chic Hairbands and Headwraps
The head accessories will totally help you to look boho. You can find tons of it in Forever21 or Urban Outfitters. Wear them back an inch or two past the hairline. It’s also best to wear it like that with very thin elastic headwraps.

4. Printed Maxi Dress
These are hot in achieving the boho look! If you can find nature-inspired or geometric inspired prints, the better. Wear a pair of wedge sandals with this and chunky jewelry. Add a denim vest to make it look a bit more casual. If you want to wear your ankle boots with your maxi dress, wear an oversized distressed sweater over it to turn it into a skirt.

5. Gladiator Sandals
If you want to free your feet from the ankle boots or wedge sandals, gladiator sandals are the answer to your dilemma. Very easy to wear and it will totally look boho on you.


6. Floppy Hats
You can find floppy straw hats at Forever21. These are best to wear to concerts or picnics. These hats will make you feel like a pure bred gypsy.


7. Earthy Jewelry
When it comes to bohemian, the more unique earthy jewelry you can find, the better. You can wear dangling earrings and layering bangles to rock this look.

8. Bohemian Bags/Purse
Fringed bucket bags are perfect to wear for a boho OOTD. You can also look for a good old messenger bag if you’re a school girl or if you’re carrying a lot of stuff around.


There are more stuff you can wear for that boho look but trust me, everything in this list are the staples that you need. Enjoy!

Archie Fegidero


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