Decorating Patterns for the Beginners

Decorating Patterns for the Beginners

Bold prints and colors, add life and personality in your otherwise bland home; however, many are timid in decorating their homes. No one blames you.

Introducing patterns in your house can be a risky work, especially for beginners, since overdoing it could end up with your house being an eyesore.

If you don’t have an interior designer to remedy you of your problem, here are the simple ways of how to mix and match your house designs.

While operating on solid for your rugs, sofas, carpets, and the likes seem like a classy and safe choice, exploiting on this design too much can get old very quickly.

Fortunately, you can break free of these designs with these simple and tonal prints.

pillowsStart experimenting with your bedroom. Introduce prints in your pillows. You can choose from pale shades to bright colors depending on what mood you want to set in your own personal space.

Start with small doses. You can choose to contrast your pillow prints with your neutral shade bed sheet. It can inject color to your bedroom with barely any effort.


However, if you want to indulge, you can certainly choose a matching pattern for your bed that can also match your personality. This design, while simple, can still add brightness to your room.


Accenting your room without overwhelming the space can be achieved by rolling out some minimal-patterned design for your rug. It is both refreshing and stylish without being too much.

If you’re afraid of choosing wallpaper, you can opt for a simple print that will go well with your bedroom palette of colors. Black-and-white will look modern especially if you prefer minimal decoration.

Add a burst of color by contrasting it with some brightly colored pillows or draperies. Just make sure that the color you’ll choose will still go well with your wallpaper.


Print on blocks of solid seems like the universal rule. From clothing to decorating the house, you will never go wrong with this formula.

You can choose a print or pattern (not necessarily black and white like the image above), and from the palette of colors from your opted fabric, you can choose a color that will match not only your room but your personality as well.

If you think you’re satisfied at the work you’ve done in your bedroom, you can now move on to your living room or dining area and transform it into a cozier home with a touch of your personality.

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