Winter Boots Guide

Winter Boots Guide

Don’t you love the sweater weather? I’m totally squealing over the snow and I so love how the the weather comes with surprises. You’re probably hauling over sweaters and scarves but do not forget the importance of shoes during winter. Sure, we want to keep our feet from the cold but we do not have to wear our knee high rubber boots with our sweater dress. There are a lot of fashionable shoes we can choose from. It’ll keep us warm but does not require losing our perfect OOTD.

I know we all go gaga for boots and I agree with you girls that we should be falling head over heels with those lovelies but we should all be informed of the different types of boots we can choose from. Mind you, all of them have different rules on how to wear them. Don’t just put them on without carefully picking out the clothes you pair them with. Here are the few of the many different boots for winter:

1. Chelsea Boots

These boots are totally vintage and fabulous. They look best when worn with tight pants or pant suits. You can wear socks with them or if you’re not comfortable with it, it’s fine. The important thing about Chelsea Boots is that your bottoms/pants should matter and it should look good with them.


2. Combat Boots

These pair of boots is the most versatile when it comes to outfit. You can wear it with jeans, maxi skirts, shorts, short skirts and dresses. If you want a feminine look, you can try wearing combat boots with a maxi skirt.


3. Booties

Booties look best with skirts or dresses, especially when worn with dark tights that match the color of the booties. It creates an illusion of longer and slender legs. This is a great help for women who have short legs or are petite.


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