Habits That Trigger Acne-Comebacks

Habits That Trigger Acne Comebacks

There’s nothing more frustrating when you see your face already acne-free, and then the next moment you look in the mirror again, there’s a tiny-teeny looking one peeking at the side of your nose – or worse at the very tip. There’s nothing like it that can ruin a girl’s day.

So, before you start ranting “That product’s a bogus,” or “I am not going to buy this one again,” let’s uncover first your habits you didn’t know are the culprits to your acne vengeance.

You only apply products when you have acne.

Okay girl, you should know that products only work when you apply them. So, when you stop using them, chances are your protection against acne lowers and those little monsters have the opportunity to grow again.

Remember not to slack just because there’s nothing anymore. You are exposed to different kinds of microbes every day that may trigger the comeback of your acne, so remember to clean your face as always with your trusted products.

Makeup is your another suspect.

Girls love wearing makeup – or if you don’t think you do, you’re one of the few. Another job of makeup is covering those unsightly zits; however, this may have a hand on your frequent breakouts.

There are certain ingredients in makeup like lanolin and mineral oil that can irritate the skin and clog pores. Be sure to check the ingredients of your makeup before buying one. Another thing is, don’t forget to wash them and exfoliate once or twice a week not only to remove the gunk, but to also slough off your dead skin cells.



Who likes an oily face? I certainly don’t and I bet you don’t, too. That’s why it’s very tempting to remove that oil through beauty products.

It isn’t bad, but overdoing it may result to a dry face with acne just about anywhere. Don’t skimp on your moisturizers as well, so your skin is properly hydrated.

You don’t clean up well.

You don’t only dirty your face by touching it incessantly. The bacteria can also be acquired from bed sheets to pillowcase. Our skin shed a lot of dead skin cells a day and there may be a build-up in your sheets.

Keep the cleaned with hypo-allergenic detergents once or twice a week. It is also the same from makeup applicators. Be sure to clean or dispose them when needed to.

Another cause of bacteria is your hair that always gets in your face. The hair products in your hair may have ingredients –like in makeup – that can irritate your skin. The gunk in your hair also adds up to the list on why your acne keeps coming back.

Be wary of your diet.

It always goes down in our lifestyle. No matter how many products you slap on your face when you’re not taking care of your diet, it will be no wonder when your acne comes back up.

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