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Travel Fashion Level UpBeing comfortable and stylish in long travel is very hard to achieve. Whatever you’re riding on to that destination, it might be a train, car, or a plane but the sad truth about travelling, it’s not easy to be stylish! Don’t fret though, we all have a solution to our problems, much less airport fashion problems!

The best outfit in travelling is wearing in layers. In that way, you can just add or remove pieces of clothing depending on the temperature you’re comfortable in. If you’re travelling to different climates, here’s the guide for layering clothes.

1. From Cold to Cold
You can pick a V-Neck Tee and pair it with a pants. Now you’re layer it with a turtle neck loose sweater and accessorise your look with a lattice stitch scarf. This outfit and climate travelling are best to be worn with flat boots.

2. From Warm to Warm
I love going on tropical vacations! You can wear a racer-back maxi dress and layer it with a soft cardigan to warm yourself in the plane.


3. From Warm to Cold
You can wear a racer top and layer it with a V-Neck Tee and pair those with your favourite skinny jeans. You wanna add a knit sweater and a beanie hat for extra warmth. This outfit looks good with wedge sneakers.

4. From Cold to Warm
If you’re travelling from cold to warm climate, you can pick a white sleeveless shirt and layer it with a V-Neck Tee and add another layer of a Cashmere V-Neck Sweater for the warmth you need in the airplane. You can pair these layered top with leggings and booties.

Also, wear shoes that are easy and convenient to wear and take off because you might be doing a lot of that in travelling. But if you really want to wear those heels, you go ahead because it’s really nice to look chic at the airport!

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