Hurrah for men wearing paisley ties

Hurrah for men wearing paisley ties

Ties are essential garments that make men looking sharper when donning a formal outfit. True enough, there are a lot of stylish ties that have emanated the fashion world and it’s just a difficult situation not to look good amidst the choices.

There are the bold, solid-colored ones, which pretty much works with any type of tuxedo, given that color contrast have been given enough attention.

Some pick the striped or patterned types, which pretty much gives the wearer a more fashion-forward look. And just recently, men began to wear paisley-printed ties that are basically a refreshing approach in tie etiquette. The jump of colors and the psychedelic inducing patterns definitely gives a new meaning on formal wear.


When you decide to purchase a paisley tie, one consideration that you must bear in mind is the effect of picking the right color. Paisley prints are all well eye-catching already, and getting a louder color might put you at risk of being a fashion victim.

It is recommended to stay within the limits of cool and neutral colors such as brown, charcoal, navy blue, amber and coral green. Getting the hang of colors like the aforementioned ones would also practice you into keeping a charcoal formal look more on the masculine side.


While it is tempting to delve on to brighter and refreshing hues, paisley ties are meant to stay on the low blow of things. Paisley ties are also best when the size is playing within the 3-3.25 inches for its width.

Again, the shocking and beautiful pattern of paisley should be kept at a minimum, and getting wider-berth ties sizes would just create an illusion that you want your tie be the center of attraction.

Remember that ties are part of an ensemble, not an accessory that should be highlighted. If you really want to satisfy your craving to look more noticeable, it really isn’t a mortal sin to lean on lighter-colored paisley designs such as baby blue, pink, mint and light violet.


Experimentation is also needed when you want to get your paisley-pegged outfit a success. You can easily pair paisley with plaid-patterned suits and tuxedos despite the clash of designs. You can also opt to buy paisley ties on silk or wool materials that would definitely work wonders for you, especially when you have a rough looking tuxedo to wear.

Also, to add up spunk on your whole attire, get handkerchiefs with paisley prints to put on your breast pocket. This would not only validate that you’re one heck of a fashion god but would make up a perfect finished look. Paisley prints also exude a very vintage aura and so with proper usage and color contrasts, you’re doing yourself a huge favor and you’d surely end up rocking that tuxedo.

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