The jewelry morphology

The jewelry morphologyAccessories became a part of our OOTD. It is important that we know how to choose the right accessory to partner with our outfit. But how do we know if it fits? Here are things to consider:

The shape of the jewel:

We can never say it enough: repeat the same form only accentuate. For example, your face is round, circular loops will only reinforce the full form of the latter.

In choosing a necklace:

Choose the necklace that suits its morphology provides a prettier head port and the development of the neck. The right length (shape and size) lengthens the neck, face refines and enhances the bust. A simpler to acquire true.

Necklaces with a discreet pendant falling V neckline on the flatter round faces by creating straight lines.

The faces in heart, square or rectangular will accommodate themselves to the inverse of a round collar and rather short.

If you are tall, the jumpers may tend to lengthen benefit your entire silhouette, by optical effect. But if you assume your size, do not deprive yourself.

If you have a little belly that you want to hide, avoid at all costs the long necklaces that would draw attention to this area.

Plane models that are based on the skin are preferred for women with generous shapes.

The large beads or oversized pendants often weigh down the silhouette. Use cautiously and sparingly.

In choosing your earrings:

To choose your earrings, study the shape of your face. Again, the shape of the loops must balance the shape of your face and not reproduce. If your face is square with a rather marked jaw, avoid loops ears angular or square. Opt for round shapes will be softer and break the straight lines of your little face. Thus, the rectangular faces doing well Creoles. Conversely, with a round face avoid everything that is massive, too big or too circular Add volume to the ear lobe will accentuate the full shape of the face. Small discrete beads for example be perfect.


If you have neck a bit much and want to give it a longer look, opt for dangling earrings. The pendant can elongate the neck and face. But be careful because too long, they will have the opposite effect. The correct length is at the level of the jaws.

For oval faces or heart-shaped everything goes: with a preference for wider at the base models that offset the face shape

The size of the jewel:

As for clothes, it is crucial to choose the right size. In our case it is rather a question template with respect to morphology.

In short, it is necessary to match the size of jewelry with his own size. The more you are petite and your jewelry must be thin and discreet to not be too conspicuous. Too massive parts may override your figure. Conversely, too little gems may be lost while on an imposing figure. Women buxom therefore can quite afford the massive jewelry that adapt perfectly to their body size and may even distract rather large too present to their liking.

When there is a chain for example, the length is critical because it determines where the pendant will be located. In general crewneck measure 35-40 cm, ideal length when the pendant is discreet and very valuable. It will be highlighted. A longer chain gives more mobility to the jewel and brings a sense of lightness. Longer necklaces, which end at chest height, are ideal for buxom women, those with round faces and those with little neck. Long necklaces bring a touch of vertical. Ideal for those with the broad and square shoulders or menu bust.

Dog Collars (very short necklace, Crew Neck) will go only to women with a very long neck and a very angular face.

As for rings, style and size of the ring must be related to the length of fingers on short phalanges and a bit thick, the height or slightly curved frames make a beautiful development. Happy those with long fingers, everything suits them perfectly!

The color of the jewel:

Gold or silver jewelry? Refer to the color of your skin tone to make a decision. For women warm skin (skin that tans easily matte or, brown eyes, black or golden green), the yellow gold jewelry and / or copper are perfect. However, if you have a cold complexion (light skin, blue or gray eyes), it is better to opt for white gold or silver jewelry. As for the color of the stones, you can just give the color of your eyes.

The jewel according to the occasion:

You do not forget that jewelry needs to adapt depending on your outfit and circumstances. At the office, for example, it will be little easier to type on a keyboard with big flashy rings and a myriad of bracelets dangling wrist.


We must also think that the jewelry will catch the eye. Place a pin on a generous bust is sure the best way to focus all eyes on this part of your anatomy.

The shape of the garment is also very important in the selection of a collar ego. A bad choice could break the harmony of the outfit.

The jewel in terms of its style:

Like the clothes, forget the total look, completely overwhelmed. We dare mixtures, and do not forget that it too is often the enemy of good. For example: With a white shirt and calf-length skirt, is avoided pearl necklace. We allow ethnic necklace with bohemian dress was being careful not to wear the same day the wallet and leather gladiator sandals.

To qualify a pace a little too severe, one can opt for a mix of large bracelets.

Question color and material, there is also setting mixtures: The christening bracelet in gold beside the link in cotton or a friendship bracelet. Effect guaranteed!

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