The Cotton Fortress of Turkey

The Cotton Fortress of Turkey

Pamukkale (pah-MOOK-kah-leh) is also known as the Cotton Fortress is the famous Turkey’s mineral-bath spa.

The underground hot calcium-laden water is scientifically proven to cure many diseases which made it more popular aside from the beauty that it offers.

The hot thermal water springs from the earth and cascades into the cliffs. When the water cools and precipitates, the calcium clings to the cliff and forms cotton-like terraces.


History tells that Pamukkale has been a spa when Romans built the Antique Pool, a sacred warm-water spring.

The said pool is still there and visitors can still swim and enjoy the therapeutic water spa for a fee.

Visitors can’t help but wonder how and where this amazing attraction got its snow-like beauty?

Study shows that “the calcium oxide-rich waters flowing down from the southern slope of Cal Mountain carried deposits and built these white travertines located on the north of the ruins, over the millennia, plateau”.



“Pamukkale is located to the south central of the Aegean region of Turkey. It is about 19 km to Denizli city and a 2,5 hour drive from the resort town Kusadasi”.


“Pamukkale is located in Aegean region of Turkey but far from Aegean Sea. Aegean Coastal plain has mild climate, warm winters, sunny autums, springs and hot summers. Inland part of Aegean Region is cooler than seaside. Winters are mild, even in January and February sometimes it is sunny and pleasant, but mostly rainy just sometimes snowy”.

Traveler’s suggests that it is best to visit the place during autumn and spring season.



You can visit Pamukkale by air, car, bus, or train.

By Air, Denizli airport is about 45 min. drive from the city. There is direct flight almost every day from Istanbul usually in the morning and back to Istanbul in the evening.

By train, one of the main lines of the national train system passes through Denizli.

By car, driving time to the capital city (Ankara) is app. 7 hours. Driving time to Izmir is app. 3 hours.

By bus, there is coach to almost everywhere in the country from the main bus station of Denizli.

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