Granny Hair: Taking Over?

Granny Hair Taking OverBlonde has long been faded out and ombre is a yesterday’s news. What’s taking over the social media sites now as the hottest trending hair color are a variety of silver shade hair dyes that ranges from steel gray with violet undertones to really, really white colors. They are starting a revolution under the hashtag: “granny hair.”

To achieve the gorgeous granny hair look, one must devote time, effort, and of course, money!

There are a series of process in pulling off these new trends, which can be summed up into bleaching the hair as the first step to have a light base usually in the color of blond. Only then you can apply your chosen silver shade. A touch-up is needed once a month for the hair to remain gorgeous.


The process usually takes hours. There are some cases where your hair will be bleached numerous times and dyed more than once. It depends on your natural hair color.
The cost is not chap either. You need to save more than a hundred bucks to afford your granny hair.

It is better to go to salon if you want to try the granny hair as expert advice and skills is necessary to avoid turning your hair into a complete epic fail.

However, this trend is relatively new, so not all hairstylists are equipped with the skill in turning your hair that is at par to your expectations. It will be wise to do your research first before putting your fate into someone else’s hands – literally.

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