Amazing Human Heart

Amazing Human HeartBack from the middle ages people believe that heart symbolizes love but those familiar with human anatomy know heart has very unlikely resemblance to the ideographic heart shape used in imagery.

Human heart has nothing to do with human emotions. Heart is in fact a pear-shaped organ about the size of a fist that is responsible for supplying oxygenated blood throughout the human body.

The heart is made of a special kind of muscle called myocardium and is designed to work harder than any other muscle in the body. Everyday human heart pumps 2,000 gallons of blood through 60,000 miles of blood vessels by beating 72 times/minute in healthy adult body. A heart can even beat outside the human body if adequate oxygen supply is ensured.

The heart lies in the chest cavity between the lungs and enclosed in a double-layered, membranous sac called pericardium. Heart composed of four chambers called atrium & ventricles along with numerous veins and arteries.

Oxygenated fresh blood flows through arteries to the body and blood traveling back to the heart flows through veins. Aorta is the main artery leaving left heart ventricle and pulmonary artery is the main artery leaving right heart ventricle.

Due to the arduous task heart is performing throughout the life span of a human it must be well taken care of. If we don’t care about the wellness of heart then we would be more prone to heart disease. All across the world thousands of people are dying due to heart disease.


Well, heart may not be directly related with human emotions but it is affected by feelings. Any bad or unexpected news can put a person at risk for heart attack. This is because at that time stress hormones release into the body that can stun the heart.

On the other hand positive feelings or any good news have positive impact on the heart. Medical science has proved that good laughing relaxes the endothelium lining of blood vessels around the heart. This ultimately helps to increase the blood flow for 30-40 minutes afterwards.

We colloquially use the word ‘big heart’ meaning the person is loving, generous and goes out of their ways for others. However, in medical world ‘big heart’ is unhealthy because it is the first sign of heart disease that compromises heart’s ability to pump blood efficiently. If it is left untreated this may lead to heart failure.

Another term we are familiar with is ‘Athlete’s heart’ which is associated with repeated strenuous exercise. If a person does work hard continuously heart chambers & muscle mass enlarged (not the heart itself) so that it can pump more oxygenated blood per stroke.

This oxygen is required for brain and other cells of the body at the time of hard work. Athlete’s heart is not pathological and there is no danger in it.

For sustainable and joyous life the heart is an amazing organ. Yes, it is not directly related with love & emotions but such feelings probably can’t be felt by a person without the heart.

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