Seven Things to do at Geneva, Switzerland

Seven Things to do at Geneva Switzerland

When I think about snow-capped mountains, fur coats, warm fireplace, mouth-watering chocolates, and luxurious jewelries, there is only one place that comes into mind – GENEVA.

Geneva is a humble city back draped with the famous Alps and Jura mountains. Just within city limits one could see Lake Geneva. From afar, the sight is truly breathtaking. Take a step into the city, and you will definitely be blown away. Wander along the streets and you would be greeted by beautiful and landscaped city parks.


Or take a ride in one of the boats as you sail at the lake. In addition to these parks and sailing, there are branded and signature shops all lined up. Do not forget about those delicious and mouth-watering chocolates; Geneva is the home to the best chocolates in the world.


There are also four- and five star hotels offering exquisite and relaxing accommodation. Aside from prominent shops, Geneva has been the home and headquarters to international organizations such as different agencies of United Nations, Red Cross and World Health Organization.

So without further adeu, bienvenue à Genève! Welcome to Geneva!

When you visit Geneva, here are some things that should not be missed.

See the magnificent Jet d’Eau

Jet d’ Eau is the distinguishing attraction of Geneva; it could be seen on postcards, posters, and tourism websites. When translated, it means ‘water jet.’ It is a symbol of strength, power, ambition, and vitality for the nation of Geneva.


This famous fountain could be seen at Lake Geneva. It shoots water up to a height of 140 meters, thus making it one of the largest fountains in the world. One could see the shooting water from anywhere in the city.

Visit the Old Town

Taking part and knowing the history of Geneva is feasible with the help of a visit to Geneva’s Old Town. It is an ancient place full of cafés, restaurants, galleries, museums and historical sights. Masonry and architecture dates back a thousand years.

Some places of interest at the Old Town include St. Pierre Cathedral, Maison Travel, Place de Bourg-de-Four, and The Trielle Promenade.

St. Pierre Cathedral is a Protestant Church


See the splendid Grand Théâtre de Genève

The Grand Théâtre de Genève is a well-known landmark and institution at Geneva. After years of reconstruction and rehabilitation, it is now a venue for different theater productions, opera and dance performances, and concerts.


Witness the Fêtes de Genève or Geneva Festival

The Fêtes de Genève is an annual event during summer, around mid-August. Every year locals and foreigners flock the area to participate and enjoy the festivities. The most awaited moment during the festival would be the fireworks display accompanied by music.

Tour the Palace of Nations

As mentioned, Geneva is the home to international organizations. Buildings were built to stand as offices and headquarters for these organizations, one of which is the Palace of Nations. The Palace of Nations was built in the years 1929 to 1936 for the use of the League of Nations.


After serving as office for the League of Nations, the building then served as office to the United Nations in 1966. A one hour guided tour inside the building and the surrounding 46-hectare park is allowed. The park, Ariana Park is open to public and tourists are greeted by century-old trees and peacocks.

Look back to the Protestant Reformation

The International Monument to the Reformation or simply the Reformation Wall commemorates the Protestant Reformation. Key persons were built along the wall and important mottos were engraved. The wall could be found inside University of Geneva.


Visit museums

There are several museums located throughout Geneva. The most popular museums include Musée d’Art et d’Histoire or the Museum of Art and History which is the largest art museum in the city, Musée Rath a museum for temporary exhibitions, Natural History Museum of Geneva, and International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum.


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