Dress Up and Live!

Dress Up and LiveHave you ever felt under- dressed when you look around? The feeling that you don’t belong to the society? Like everyone’s eyes on you because you dress differently? I have already experienced that. So when I go out, I always make sure to dress up properly.

Dressing up doesn’t mean that you will wear all those branded clothes you have in your closet or wearing the most expensive ones.

Dressing up means you incorporate what you wear on the occasion, time, place and climate. Dressing up means dressing right.

Sometimes, we tend not to care about how we dress but it is important that dress right because we don’t what opportunity we may have in our everyday lives.

So how do we dress up? Here are some tips that I find helpful in choosing the right clothes.


• Wear the right kind of clothes for your body. Good clothing often starts with the fit. Make sure that the clothes that you will wear fits your size. It would not only look good on you but will also make you feel comfortable.

• Wear clothes that will emphasize your best parts and create the illusion of a very fit body. Make sure to wear proper colors that will enhance your tone and will look best on you.

• Don’t just follow fashions. Choose clothes that will flatter your figure and suit you. Not all fashionable clothes were meant for everybody, so find the clothes that are right for you.

• Give yourself lots of time. Allot an ample time to choose the right clothes that will best fit you. Oftentimes when we rush, we tend to choose the first item that we pick in the closet. Make sure to take your time to mix and match your style.

• Put an accessory when necessary. Not all the time you need an accessory to match an outfit. A watch will always compliment an outfit but just make sure to match it with the type of outfit you’re wearing.

• Choose the right pair of shoes. Match your shoes with your outfit. Consider the color and make sure that you are also comfortable with it.

It is always important that we do not only look good with what we wear but also comfortable. Add a little smile on your face to complete your outfit!

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