Remove thy Cap when…

Remove thy Cap whenAside from the usual considerations that we always bear in mind every day when we dress, some people are inclined to adorn their ensemble by wearing a hat or cap or anything to put on their heads.

Hats had been available to use and wear dating to the classical era up until this day. While it gives a spank to someone’s total look, some prefer wearing it for comfort and/or function.

But given the type of fashion that we witness rise and fall nowadays, we question ourselves if when, what and why we should still wear hats or caps and the likeness of people in general to never let go of this existential fashion trend.

Hats and Etiquette

Etiquette and hats goes hand-in-hand. Dating back to medieval times, wearing a hat or gestures of removing it might mean a different connotation aside from your true intention of simply putting it on or removing it.


But since we have transcended on this era wherein everything is constantly changing, literally and figuratively, here are some tips that we can use and always do a mental note on regarding when and where you should keep your hats, caps and everything in between on or off.

For men, you can don your hats when you’re outdoors, at athletic events, public transport or elevators. Women can still wear their hats or caps when in someone’s home, at formal events like weddings or luncheons, movies or any indoor performance.

Hats and caps must be removed out of etiquette for men when they’re in someone’s home, mealtimes, while being introduced, place of worship, indoors at work, restaurants and coffee shops, when the national anthem is played or when inside any public infrastructures.

Women, on the other hand, must remove their caps or hats when it blocks your view, while being introduced or indoors at work.

The aforementioned tips is still objective. Those are just a toss of opinion but it will still be up to your prerogative when and why you should remove your caps or not.

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