The return of the body-con dress

The return of the bodycon dress

There’s a saying that goes this way, “When you got it, flaunt it.” This is something that women are sometimes not too keen on doing but certain types of women aren’t afraid to show off how great their bodies look like by wearing dresses which fit them like a glove.

One example of this is the body-con dress. The body –con dress first came into prominence in the early nineties. The term refers to body conscious as this is definitely a dress worn to highlight the body rather than hide it. A body-con dress is a tight-fitting dress usually made of spandex or lycra.

One of the best designers for body-con dress is Roland Mouret. He is known as the King of Dress after his Galaxy frock was named the ‘garment of the decade’ and worn mostly by fashionable ladies in the jet-setting world.


Clearly confident in the power of his designs, he would always say that, ‘I’m very lucky – my glass is always half full and not half empty. I have seen so many people wearing it that I don’t feel I’m chasing anyone.’

If you can’t afford his designer designs, he also has a purse-friendly collection of figure-hugging dresses for Banana Republic. The fashion was abuzz about the collaboration between Roland Mouret and Banana Republic.

Something remotely like Roland Mouret at low prices is super exciting.This is a good way to penetrate the mass market because Roland’s creations usually range from $1000 up.

Roland Mouret is someone who is not afraid of embracing what he believes in. After his hiatus, he proved to everyone that hardwork is still one of the key recipes for longevity and success. He has proven himself time and again and for this, he is widely acclaimed.

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