Fashion Misconceptions

Fashion Misconceptions

Fashion is a much misrepresented, misjudged beast. Believe us, we have heard it all.

It’s a cultural movement, its wearable art, it’s so ahead of its time, and in continually recreating itself, it can be a big waste on your purse. It does appear that the second you utter you are a part of this trade you are promptly attached to the very many of the pessimistic and barely silly fashions that borders it.

To the curiosity of many, this industry is much more than a surface-level career. Disapproval and criticism is leveled so quickly at fashion, and the misconceptions are so easily spread into fact that we have decided to unmask some of the most mediocre, myths related with fashion and style.

You need to be skinny to be fashionable

Fashion will never criticize you based on your color, ethnic group and size! It is only a matter of selecting the right outfits to flatter your body type.

Even the fashion industry is trying to eradicate this misconception, and almost always this has been less true for men than for women. Slowly but surely fashion will have a total new image. Healthy is in, skinny is out.

Men’s fashion is tedious

Hardly ever does a man look better than when he’s typically dressed in somewhat effortless items. Men can now explore to their heart’s content and if it is a support to anyone, Girls find Fashionable Men compelling.

Men’s fashion is what you make of it, and yes, even though it often missed out some of the flicker of comparable women’s pieces, this is because it is effective.

Brands is a must to be fashionable

Brand names are a part of the consumer society. They are what the commercial choses to use as status symbols. The society selects the trends. You should always stay away from buying a brand name simply because of its pervasiveness, and instead look to labels for what they do most highly, their icon pieces.

We don’t care about the designer on our label… We care about quality. We appreciate designers as others appreciate artists. We are fervent human beings filled with imagination and drive. Life in fashion is hardly as classy as it seems.

Archie Fegidero


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