Shoes Every Man Should Own

Shoes Every Man Should Own

We cant wear the same pair of shoes to all events or to work or to the lazy casual days. All men should be informed what shoes they should wear for every occasion. Here’s the guide to the pair of shoes every men should own.

1. Loafers

Every man should know what Loafers are and yes, if you’re a man, you should own this pair. Loafers are the comfy pair that will let your wear it on lazy casual days and you can wear it with your semi-formal outfit too. How cool is that?

loafers2. Espadrilles

Espadrilles are very comfortable and breezy and they are the perfect comfy substitute if you don’t want to take a break from boat shoes on summer.


3. Oxfords

Oxfords are what you need for your formal outfit. They are just the best for that tux and surprisingly, this pair is now worn with casual wardrobe. Fashion is indeed crazy yet perfect.


4. Casual Boots

Casual spell boots for men and yes you can wear them for a hike or if you just feel walking the next block. It’s fashionably perfect and it keeps your toes real warm.


5. White Sneakers

Every guy need these shoes for the weekend break from all the hustle of formal work outfit. Grab your shorts, plain tee and white sneaker for a walk in the park!


6. Running Shoes

Go out for a daily run and sport your pair of running shoes! You don’t run? Guess what, men should run!


7. Boat Shoes

These shoes are made for not just not one set of pair but yes, you can wear it to your Off-Duty Casual outfit, Casual and Smart Casual. Boat shoes are good investment for men and you’d never go wrong wearing it on lazy days or on work.


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