How To Wear Birks

How To Wear BirksBirkenstocks is the biggest fashion comeback and I must say it’s more famous today than back then. It was ugly, comfy yet one of the biggest shoe trend back in the ‘90s. Now everyone wants to have their feet on it. Ironic things fashion can do to people, eh?

Birks can be worn awesome if you know what to pair with them. There’s a thin line between a fashion-enthusiast-birks-user and old-tourist-birks-user unless the old tourist look becomes a top-notch in fashion.

So here are the cool ways how to wear your pair!

1. White Trousers

Yes, as long as you keep your trousers and birks clean, you can definitely wear it all the time. Be cautious when you are wearing this pair because any hint of dirt on you would affect how you look. Perfect cleanliness is the birks way.

2. Casual Comfy Dress

You can thrown on a lace casual white dress and put on your black pair of birks to have that effortless vibe.


3. Socks

Who said socks suck with birks? (Did it sound like a tongue twister? Haha) If you want to achieve that vintage ootd? Try wearing it with a knit sweater, boyfriend jeans and socks!

4. Cuffed Jeans

This is the classic way to wear your pair. Look for your loose cuffed jeans, laid-back shirt and wear your birkenstocks. Lastly, walk cool.

5. Cropped Pants

Oversized shirts, cropped pants, birks are will make the best OOTD.

6. Shorts

Put your hair up to a bun and wear your shorts together with your chambray shirt and birkenstocks.

7. Pedicure

Get a pedicure please! Accessorize your birks with a touch of your freshly painted pedicure. Dirty toenails will make you look like a walking disaster.

Have fun and enjoy your birks ladies!

Archie Fegidero


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