Baking Soda: The Master in House-hold multi-tasking

Baking Soda The Master in Household multitaskingSodium Bicarbonate or what we call Baking Soda is known to be one of the most common things you can see in everyone’s kitchen used for cooking, an essential in making our all-time favourite cookies and other bread and pastries.

But is it really just a baking ingredient? Some of us might not know that Baking Soda has tons of uses, which is why I consider this as one of the few known life-hacks everyone must try.

Do you know that we can use Baking Soda to protect ourselves and our household from germs, spear us from the harmful toxins we can get from our usual household cleaning chemicals, neutralizing unpleasant odours and so much more? So without much further ado, here are some of the million things Baking Soda can do for you:

Let us first go to its personal hygiene and Beauty benefits

1. Commercialized toothpastes can be just the same with one another, so for those practical heads, to spare you from spending extra dollars with pricey tooth pastes, a mixture of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide solution and Baking Soda can be a perfect alternative!

2. Add volume to your hair by mixing Baking Soda into your shampoo. Baking Soda has properties which helps cleanse your hair from harsh chemicals from your daily hair products and leaves your hair with a lighter feel plus more bounce and volume.


3. Having problems with your pimples? Costly Facial cleansers? Then worry no more! Just mix baking soda with honey and use it as your regular facial scrub and your pimples will soon be gone.

4. While all of us think that healthy hair is enough, dirty brushes can be an unhealthy habit too. Clean your combs and brushes by soaking it to water and baking soda for few minutes then rinse.

Now let us go to its House hold cleaning Benefits

1. Disturbed by the after-smell of tea/coffee on your mugs even after you washed it? Try washing it with Backing Soda instead and bad smell no more!

2. Wondering how to remove the dirt on your precious floor without scratching it or using harsh chemicals? A bucket of warm water and ½ cup of baking soda will do.

3. If you have kids running around the house, drawings on your furniture may be one of your problems. Make your own furniture polish by just applying baking soda into a slightly wet sponge then lightly scrub it on your furniture and it will be as if the marks never happened!

Baking Soda is indeed the master of house-hold multi-tasking! And these are just some. So try doing some of these and you will sure agree that Baking Soda deserves more attention than just sitting around the fridge.

Archie Fegidero


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