Behold The Magnificence of Malmo

Behold The Magnificence of Malmo

malmomainmalmo2 One thing that’s noticeable in Malmo is the youthful charge brought about by the inhabitants residing within the realms of the city.

Almost half of the populace is aged 35 years old and below, and the basic expectation is the ultimate flamboyance brought about by young minds and creative hearts.

Malmo is now saturated with larger-than-life architecture, lavish accommodations and the best Scandinavian cuisine.


Dynamism is one of the obvious potentials that Malmo is pegging on, and with how the city is faring; it is off to a soaring start.

If you want to be surrounded with utter positivity, an ecstatic culture and a trip, which will invoke smiles, then Malmo is the best option for your next excursion.



Sitting on the bedrock of the famous Scandia Province, Malmo is a sure haven for tourists as it harnesses all the glory of being on Sweden’s southwestern edge. Malmo’s land area covers almost 61.2-square miles of land, 0.6- square miles of water and is currently being inhabited by nearly 550,000 people.


Malmo is a huge strip of land surrounded by an equally gargantuan body of water on its western edge. Malmo is also known to be a part of the Oresund Region, which is separated by the might Oresund Bridge.


Like it’s mother country, Malmo follows Sweden’s oceanic climate, which equates to summers being warm and enjoyable, while winters are generally cold with temperatures dropping all too low.


In an annual estimate, Malmo has a average temperature of 34.1-degrees Celsius, while the all-time low is recorded at 5.4-degress Celsius. The hottest months are June, July and August, with heat climbing as high as 33.6-degrees Celsius.

Rain showers and accumulated precipitation are best observed during the month of November, ranging at 2.4-2.5 inches of rainfall.


One of the most notable modes of transport in Malmo is through the benefit of the recently erected Oresund Line, accommodating trips every 20 minutes. This travel option would connect Malmo to the equally famous area of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Airport.


While the Copenhagen Airport offers most of the international tours, Malmo has an airport of its own, which is mainly used for domestic, charter and low-cost aviation trips. Also, you’d be surprised to see that most Malmo inhabitants are leaning onto cycling and the government put importance to it by paving a bike path measuring up to 250 miles.

Travel by water would also be another option, as Malmo is a seaside city as well. If you want to ride cruise ships and ferries, then you can go to Limhamn Marina and Lagunen for scheduled trips and services.

What to See

Turning Torso

If you want to be amazed by an establishment pegged on technological advancement, then getting a glimpse of the legendary Tuning Torso would suit your insatiable craving of the unknown.


Now being heralded as one of Malmo’s most significant landmarks, this is Sweden’s tallest building at 190 meters in height and was opened just in August 2005.

What makes the Turning Torso a must-see is its ability to literally turn at 90 degrees as a chunk of an edifice. Seeing this would make you feel the same way as when you watched The Matrix.

Malmo Museer

Just a short distance away from Malmo’s city center, the Malmo Museer is an expansive establishment that houses different artifacts worthy of being included in your local museum’s collection.


You’d be immersed on a myriad of things from insects and bats, shiny armor and war armaments, to the aquarium sitting at the edifice’s grand hall. All of Malmo and the life that had transpired here is enclosed in glass cages and reinforced walls. Paying this place a visit would do you good in enriching your knowledge about the town.

Form/Design Center

Sticking with what Malmo is known for, the Form/Design Center is an avenue for you to be acquainted with all the advancements this little town has received over the years.


In here, you’d be able to see cool art pieces from Scandinavian locals, fashion and crafts, and even minuscule things such as toys, furniture and appliances.

Malmo Chokladfabrik

Smell and feel how Malmo chocolate artisans craft their coveted edible pieces in the Malmo Chokladfabrik. Since 1888, this factory has been producing organic chocolate, and has been putting prestige in chocolate making by earning coveted awards.


Once inside, you’d be oriented with how Malmo creates their chocolate and you’d even have a 20% discount once you bag these delicacies from their in-house shops.

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