Make your dog as your Frisbee playing buddy

Make your dog as your Frisbee playing buddyPeople find great pleasure and fun to have dog as a pet. Certain breeds of dogs are accustomed to an active lifestyle. If these breeds are compelled to remain quiet, out of their natural instinct they tend to create interesting diversions. Their idea of fun unfortunately may prove as a destructive behavior. Playing Frisbee with your pet dog may assist to curb most of your dog’s destructive behavior.

Playing Frisbee with your dogs is always fun as well as rewarding. It’s a great mean to pass some quality time with your dog and inhale fresh air with some exercises. Moreover, this will keep your dog in a tiptop condition most of the time. Some dogs are more adapt at playing Frisbee by born while others may take some time to learn. However, the fact is almost any dog would love to learn it.


The first part is introducing your dog with Frisbee. Always choose a soft and flexible one for your dog because if you choose a hard one it would more likely to injure your dog when he tries to catch it. One great way to facilitate positive associations with Frisbee is using it as a food dish at the initial stage. In this way your dog will feel comfortable around it.

In the next part you would more likely to violate your mom’s advice! Sit on the floor of your room and roll the Frisbee to a few feet along the ground. Yes, it’s indoor practice. Then entice your dog to chase after the Frisbee. If your dog does it praise him enthusiastically, if it doesn’t don’t be frustrated, try to use your excited voice to take the dog in a playful mood. And keep trying, eventually he will do it.


Now is the time when you can take your dog outside, tossing the Frisbee to short distances. At the initial stage don’t throw the Frisbee at your pet rather adhere to low, flat and short trajectories. As soon as your dog start going after the Frisbee every time, start encouraging him to fetch it back. Once he returns with the Frisbee, give him a treat and praise enormously.

Once your dog has mastered fetching the Frisbee back to you, then it is time to begin learning to catch the Frisbee. Stand a couple of feet apart from your dog, toss the Frisbee into the air and shout ‘Catch’. Do this again and again until your dog gets accustomed with it. When he finally does it don’t forget to arrange a reward and lot of praise.


Now you are ready to hone the skills of your dog with Frisbee. If you are a right-hander stand on your dog’s right (for left-handers it’s just the reverse) and throw the Frisbee in front of you. When your dog becomes adept at catching these short distance throws then you are allowed to throw at greater distance.

As you are adhering to the process described above, you now have a Frisbee playing buddy. Take him out to the park and show off his skills. Don’t be surprised if the two of you draw a very impressed crowd around you!

Md Asif Rahman


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