Splash Some Saltwater and Be Merry in Tamarindo

Splash Some Saltwater and Be Merry in Tamarindo

You might have seen the place named as Tamarindo when you are scanning travel books and online blogs for the best place to spend your vacation with, with specifications on the words ‘beach’ and ‘party’.

True to how many people have described it, Tamarindo is now Costa Rica’s best offering to the world—the wide stretch of white shores and cerulean beaches, the inevitable crowd, which makes the place rowdy yet fun most of the time, the complete line-up of snazzy and classy hotels and accommodations up to the string of restaurants that will unleash the food auteur in you.


Tamarindo is truly Heaven’s way of reminding us that amidst all the developments going on, places for enjoyment and sheer relaxation still exist, only waiting for us to discover. Go get your bags and sunscreen so that you won’t ever miss the best beach experience being put on the plate by the sunny shorelines of Playa Tamarindo.


Belonging to the province of Guanacaste, Tamarindo scopes a miniscule stretch of land amounting to a total of 47.70 square miles and is being resided by just a handful of citizens currently recorded in 6,869.


If you’ll look for the place of Tamarindo, you’d be able to easily pinpoint in on the map as located on Costa Rica’s northern tip, leaning on the eastern side. A humongous body of water is bordering playa Tamarindo, which is the sea of Northern Pacific. Easily, Playa Tamarindo can be geographically located at the Nicoya Peninsula.


Following the province of Guanacaste’s climate, the whole of Tamarindo is under the type of climate equating to heat all year round, with a minimal probability of rain showers.


Truly a very cognitive spot for a longish day at the beach, temperatures here can go as high as 36.1-degrees Celsius, which can stretch, from November to April.

Tamarindo is said to be warmer as compared to other Costa Rican states, which are located at higher elevations. For the months of May until October, there’s an observable drop in temperature and these are the months wherein occasional rain showers are to be expected.


The best way for you to set foot on Tamarindo’s gritty shores is by means of taking advantage of the little airstrip found within the realms of this wondrous place.

If you don’t have the moolah to spend on chartered and private flights, you don’t really need to worry as you can succumb into using bus rides scheduled to drop you in Tamarindo.


From the central city San Jose, there are a lot of bus services that you can book and hire, which would route you to a more chartered and paved highways.

The minimum travel time from San Jose to Tamarindo is about 5 hours and can last up to 6. If you’re already soaking up to the sun in the Playa, you can even skim for more beach coasts by means of hiring private boats for a fee which would transport you to nearby attractions and beaches.

Bus rides will not just come from San Jose, you can also check out some options via Liberia and Santa Cruz, which are on scheduled trips so better book ahead.

What to See

Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas de Guanacaste

If you’re all too saturated with beach water and want to know some bits of information about Tamarindo’s ecological diversity, then immediately head to Parque Nacional Marino Las Baulas de Guanacaste to satisfy your craving.


At this park, you’d be acquainted with several species of mangrove swamps that are being taken care of to avoid extinction. This complex also provides reservations for turtle watching and some information about touring the Tamarindo in general.

Playa Conchal

Dubbed as Costa Rica’s most beautiful beach, Playa Conchal is one gem that’s near Tamarindo that you should visit no matter what happens. Aside from its powder-like shore, you’d be able to see hordes of shells or locally called as conchas being washed up to the shore, a true-blue scene which is a must-see for visitors.


Some other given pleasantries that Playa Conchal can offer would be its turquoise waters and the longish 2-kilometer shore that you can walk-on.

Playa Grande

Since 1991, Playa Grande is amongst the few beaches included to be on the protection watch-list of the government since many leatherback sea turtles crowd and reproduce on its very shores, a very interesting and essential feat in continuing their existence.


Aside from its inglorious sand and beach waters, Playa Grande is famous as it was being desensitized every now and then so as to ensure that the cycle of life, both humans and animals, that’s happened here would not be disturbed by too much modernization and commercialism.

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