Get hooked on Handball

Get hooked on HandballSports are easy and funny way to retain our body shape, stamina as well as strength. Football, basketball, tennis, volleyball these are more or less common form of sports known for a good workout. But if you are the person who likes to think out of the box and want to involve in a sport that is relatively less played worldwide Handball is the game to consider. Handball is a highly interactive sport that works on every part of your body.

The game has a very rich history; root deep into ancient Roman times. Besides, in earlier France there were records of playing handball-like games. The team handball game we are acquainted with at present was codified at the end of 19th century primarily in Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The first written rules of team handball was published in 1906 by a Danish gym teacher and subsequently improved in 1919 by Karl Schelenz.


The game is played on a court of 40/20 meters with a goal post in the center of each end. Each team consists of 7 players. The aim is to pass as well as bounce the ball up court and at the same time shoot for the goal just from outside the goal area.

Players are allowed to jump and throw the ball to the goal post as long as they don’t touch the floor. Other team’s defenders try to block the attackers and the game is obviously a contact sport, although not as brutal as rugby. As goals are scored heavily it is a very exciting game to watch. 20-30 goals are very common phenomenon in a single 60 minutes match of handball.


Handball is a really fast game, so it is a great way to get into shape. Besides aerobic benefit it makes your muscle strong and bone thick. The aerobic benefits will make your muscle improved; develop agility and co-ordination between hands and feet. On the other hand, mental focus, flexibility and self-confidence are also the outcome of playing handball.

Due to a sizable area of handball ground a player has to run a considerable distance during the time of match. Thus almost every muscles of a human body get engaged. Handball is a game that is applicable for everyone from adult to young people and it has something to offer for players of all ages.

in the handball on Day 5 of the London 2012 Olympic Games at The Copper Box on August 1, 2012 in London, England.

Handball is a relatively safe game because there is less chance of injuries. There are only a few injuries that are associated with handball like muscle strains, elbow injury, shoulder strains and back injury. Obviously, these injuries can be avoided with ease just by adhering to strengthening, basic conditioning and stretching program.

Since the inclusion in 1936 as an Olympic sport, handball is gaining popularity day by day. It’s not a game that is limited to young aged people only. Various health clubs are springing up and welcome players of all ages. It is the game that will encourage you to start afresh while shedding some weight at the same time.

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