Heading to Bed? Skip These Foods

Heading to Bed Skip These FoodsEating late at night can cause difficulty sleeping, bloat and weight gain. The impact of what you eat on your sleep quality and patterns isn’t always obvious, but the connection is there. While you don’t have to lock up the refrigerator completely once the sun goes down, you will get a better night’s sleep and feel better overall if you avoid certain foods right before tucking in. We’ve rounded up the worst culprits to ditch before bedtime.

1. Alcohol
This can be tough to avoid, because most people only drink alcohol at night. But have you ever noticed that after a night of heavy drinking you don’t just wake up with a pounding head, but you also find yourself feeling tired and groggy all day? Alcohol can upset your stomach, leaving it churning and you tossing and turning all night. Try skipping the last few rounds and see how much better you feel in the morning.

2. Soda
Anything with that many bubbles can’t be good for your stomach, and it’s not – the carbonation of soda increases your stomach pressure, leading to bloating and stomachache, while the acidity of soda can damage your stomach valves and leave you feeling tired and sick the next morning. While soda might seem perfect when you’re craving a sweet drink, try switching to tea or hot chocolate to improve your sleep.

3. Citrus
Don’t think that swapping your soda for orange juice will do you any good either. Citrus fruits and fruit juices are acidic enough to cause you the same sleeping problems. It’s much better to start you day off with a glass of orange juice or an acidic green apple than it is to end with them, so try opting for a low-acid banana instead.

4. Coffee
Even decaf coffee is acidic enough to unsettle your stomach. Taking it with milk and sugar will only help so much, as both ingredients can also cause sleeping issues. Plus, caffeine stimulates stomach acid production, making any uncomfortable acid-related issues even worse. If coffee before bed it a must, try to sip in moderation. Otherwise, choose tea instead.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s acidic or fatty, avoid it before bed. Nighttime is great for unwinding and relaxing, but just switching from snacks or soda to a calming cup of tea can do wonders for your quality of sleep. And we all know how important a good night’s sleep is for alertness, memory, weight loss and beauty, so do yourself a favor and rest up without these nighttime snacks.

Chloe Lauter


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