The goodness of Ginger

The goodness of Ginger

Our usual ingredient in dishes; that’s what comes into our minds when we talk about ginger. But have we overlooked something by that? As it is used in almost all of the Asian stir fries, Ginger’s aroma and power in preserving food has been one of the reasons why Ginger is one spice that you should be keeping on your kitchen at all times. Not only because of its wondrous effects in cooking dishes, has it also has various medicinal properties that some of us may not know.

For over 2000 years, Chinese Medicine has strongly recommended the use of Ginger to treat several health ailments, as it is known to promote better energy circulation within the body and increase ones metabolism.

In the modern time, studies have shown that ginger surely possesses therapeutic properties. This includes; antioxidant effects and its effectiveness in preventing various day to day illnesses that some of us may struggle from.


Now here are some health benefits of ginger:

  • Ginger has its anti-inflammatory compounds that helps relieve muscle or joint pains and is also helpful in reducing menstrual cramps.
  • Not only that, ginger also has a promising role of fighting cancer. Research studies published in British Journal of Nutrition has shown the in vivo and the in vitro anticancer activity of ginger. In further reviews, it is also found that the radio protective property of ginger extract is effective in protecting cancer patients against gamma radiation-induced side effects from cancer treatment.
  • Ginger also helps improve the absorption of the essential nutrients in the body. This is because ginger stimulates secretion of gastric pancreatic enzymes.
  • Having problems with your motion sickness? Ginger is famous for its ability to ease nausea, and is helpful in preventing motion and sea sickness. So chew on ginger and feel relieved.
  • Ginger is ideal in fighting stomach discomfort. It assists digestion thus, avoiding the possibility of stomach ache; just as ibuprofen and aspirin do.
  • If you’re suffering from cough, Ginger also helps in combating some respiratory diseases. This aids in expanding the lungs and loosening phlegm because of its expectorant that helps remove mucus.
  • Drinking ginger tea helps relieve headaches and sore throats.
  • What else is ginger good for? Ginger contains chromium, magnesium and zinc which can greatly help in improving blood flow to maintain normal circulation.

It is highly recommended if you include ginger in your daily regimen, like sipping a nice cup of ginger tea, which is very easy, just chop it into a couple of inches and let it steep in hot water and you’re good to go. If you’re a person of spice, munching peeled bits of it may come handy.

Try experimenting with it, and enjoy the benefits ginger can offer. See? Not only will it bring out aroma and flavour to your day to day dishes, but it will also help you in staying healthy. Ginger totally is a must have it in everyone’s kitchens.

Archie Fegidero


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