The upward and multi-colored rise to fame of Taichung

The upward and multi colored rise to fame of Taichung

Even after several years of colonization from nearby Asian countries, the city of Taichung remained glorious and slowly becoming a tiger market over the past few years.

Opposite to Taipei as the Taiwan’s hub for heavy industries and commercial spaces, this humble town caters to and nurtures on an occupation that involves light industry.

The locals and the jobs that they are doing within are all printed on toys, shoes, electrical goods and other produces with the marks “Made in Taiwan”.

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Now also being famous due to its conducive travel, weather, Taichung is one of the many reasons why Taiwan is included on many bucket lists.

Normally just a side trip before heading to the country’s inland states, getting a Taichung experience while in the country would definitely give you something to remember on things that include lively commerce, prolific locals and the heavenly balanced climate that can be felt.


Specifically, the special city of Taichung can be found in the center-western Taiwan part, in the famous Taichung basin. Strategically located in the middle of other megacities, Taichung’s trade and commerce have been strengthened and is one of its assets.


The cities bordering Taichung are Hualien, Hsinchu, Miaoli, Changhua, Nantou and Yilan County. Lying on Taichung’s eastern tip is the glorious Central Mountain Range and on its west is Taiwan Strait.


As according to the Koppen Climate Classification, Taichung, like half of Taiwan, is under the warm, humid subtropical climate and might have hints of tropical monsoon type.


You’d find it interesting that all day within a year are maintained warm while winter nights are significantly cooler. The months of July until September are deemed as the hottest months with an all-time high of 33-degrees Celsius while frigidity are being observed during January to March with a mean temperature of 14-degrees Celsius.

Rainfall also happens in Taichung with an annum average of 116 days of rainy days and June with the highest amount of precipitation at 13.50 inches. July, on the other hand, experiences the most number of sunshine hours at 210.


If travelling via a different city, there are two main railways that you can use which are the Mountain Line and the Coast Line. The main terminal that you’d be alighting to would be the Taichung Station of Jianguo Road.

This specific mode of transportation is set to bring you to nearby municipalities and towns in a sophisticated, timed and well-coordinated manner.

Once out of the rail lines, you would have the chance in getting on and off buses, which surrounds the terminal. Most of the trains are servicing local and interstate travels, which are just convenient for time-savvy travelers.


When getting in by air, you’d be able to experience how the city invested in development with the Taichung International Airport, which is the newest air terminal in Taiwan.

As of current writing, the airport is thriving to expand their travel connections, which can go as far as international flights to Mainland China and South Korea.

You’d also be surprised to know that all imported and exported goods from Taichung are being delivered to their port, which is called the Taichung Sea Port.

Unfortunately, this only serves cargo vessels and is not open as a public mode of transport.

What to See


If you want to spend an hour or so in Taichung, make sure that you’d pay Dakeng a visit as it boasts of challenging hiking trails and relaxing hot springs.


You can easily access Dakeng by going east of the main city and be mesmerized by the towering hills and mountain ranges that occupy the vicinity.

Paochueh Temple

Not just a religious place, the Paochueh Temple upholds historical and cultural relevance to the whole of Taichung due to its contribution in preserving relics and important artifacts of the olden times.


Be face to face with Taiwan’s largest Milefo Buddha and imbibe the entire religious ambience that this destination has to offer.

National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts

What’s a city without a museum that holds its most important historical imprints through paintings, collections and tangible stuff? If you want to be captivated by Taichung’s art and craftsmanship, then get yourself moving into the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts wherein it houses a child-friendly center and foreign arts are also displayed.


Rainbow Village

Art plays an important role in a city’s heritage and Taichung’s most evident art relic can be found not inside a museum but in a place called the Rainbow Village.

Be thrilled to see colors and hues through drawings made by a local and a man so-called as Mr. Wong.


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